Sunday, 28 February 2010

London Fashion Week top 10 shows

10. Richard Nicoll
Nice architectural constuctions that enhance the feminine silhouette... Especially the skirts.

9. Todd Lynn
Slender power shapes, lovely shades of beige and a Gareth Pugh-inspired sense of futurism.

8. Topshop Unique
It was an inspiring show full of poetry and very northern. Loads of sheepskin and wool that will keep you super warm during long winter nights out!

7. Roksanda Ilincic
I really really liked Roksanda's new take on classical ladylike fashion. It was sophisticated like a 30's film but with an edge.

6. Erdem
I always love Erdem's playful shapes and florals. This time, though, even more. A leather skirt with a flowery shirt is definitely the way to go next winter.

5. Basso & Brooke
They were the first ones to experiment with digital prints... Now every avant-garde designer is doing it, but they are still the best at it.

4. Christopher Kane
The enfant terrible of British fashion has gone for "gothic florals" this winter. It's a strange and disconcerting collection, yet inevitably adorable. Very Christopher Kane.

3. Mary Katrantzou
The new cult Greek designer is very intelligently exploring new creative pathways. I just love the way she has interpreted baroque inspiration.

2. Louise Goldin
Those futuristic and slightly space-era shapes, the fabrics, the colours, the details...Simply genius.

1. Paul Smith
At the end of the day, he still interprets British style, sense of humour and femininity like no-one. After all, didn't he invent it?

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Nicoll and Goldin for sure ! I really had a crush on those two very personal yet inspiring shows...

    Kane is growing on me too !

  2. hmm, definetly designers nÂș 1, 2 and 10 ^^

  3. Great selection and commentation! I've just started to get my head around what's going on. Lots of fabulous designs; Mary Katrantzou and Louise Goldin stand out for me!

  4. Hey Marta..thanks for your comment. I've been doing back a few days ago from a trip to San Francisco and it was great! I ate at all my favorite I came back stuffed to the brim. It was nice to experience some fog for a change since southern California is, well, southern California. =)

    I love this post summarizing London Fashion Week. If i had to pick one favorite, I am going to go with the yellow and brown leaf print dress by Erdem. I love the high neckline with shortness of the dress with the puffed shoulders. Not to mention the print is to die for.

  5. Gorgeous selections, darling! Especially loving Mary Katranzou and Roksanda Ilincic!


  6. uauu... me encanta la de richard nicoll esta genial! ami paris me encanta, imagino que las compras alli son una locura, q suerte saberte tiendas d ahi pk debe ser q vas mucho! :D muaaa!!
    me encanta tu blog :)

  7. Loved the shapes and prints of London Fashion Week. Looks like you've included all my favourites (Louise Goldin, Christopher Kane, Todd Lynn and Mary Katrantzou), so I obviously heartily approve of this list! Great post.

  8. topshop unique... i need a pair of those antlers. seriously, i would wear the crap out of those.


  9. i really love the louise goldin and christopher kane collection. LOVE all the shapes. <333

  10. wow! wow! it;s same here girl, i adore Roksanda Ilincic creations too :)

  11. I have to say that Topshop Unique and Paul Smith were my favorites. Such clever aesthetics, and colors. I absolutely adored them both. Fabulous rundown, darling!! :)

  12. Love love love Erdem and Todd Lynn is fantastic too~!

  13. awesome picks. love c.kane!


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