Friday, 12 February 2010

♥ Alexander McQueen

Fashion will change. As will trends, young designers, fashion shows and the sense of drama. The consequences of Alexander McQueen's tragic death in the industry will be bigger than we expect. But right now, I can only feel sad for the people around him, who have lost a friend.
I was lucky enough to be a guest to his last show. After it was over, my friend Vanni turned to me and said "what can he do next, now that he has reached perfection?" It all sounds very ironic now.
I can only hope an industry that constantly moves fast forward will really remember his work, his efforts and his sacrifices. Personally, I am grateful to him for having brought sensitivity and vulnerability to an often implacable and dictatorial world.
Thank you Alexander McQueen.


  1. nicely said. he will always be remembered!

  2. what a great loss. still sad.


  3. Incredible post darling, a real tribute.
    Have a great weekend x

    P.S. I promise an e-mail you once Monday (big day for me) is over.

  4. A very sincere and thoughtful post. He was truly one of a kind. May he rest in peace.

  5. Lovely post, and very well worded. I'm still a bit numb about fashion month right now, and it is weird to see the industry moving on. I wonder how this will affect Paris fashion week.

  6. wow you got to go to his show - that is lucky x

  7. Hello darling!!! As i told in my blog, i'm sorry i've been so busy these last few days. Anyway, i never forget my blogosphere friends! About this post, i found it very touching, he was indeed one of the greatest in this fashion world. His work was unique.
    About the last post, i have no words to thank you for choosing me in your list. I'll do a post soon, answering those questions. Loved to read about you preferences ^^ I just disliked the seafood part, cause i'm allergic :)
    Anyway, it's obvious in that post the wonderful, funny and interesting person you certainly are.
    Big kiss**and thank you once again
    P.S. wonderful blog change in the title ^^


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