Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Here's one of the projects I worked in with Sophie and Pierre a couple of months ago. We made this shot inspired both by classical dance ballerinas and the Studio 54 aesthetics. I think the colours and brightness look really cool in the final version. Anyway, a couple of days ago Sophie told me American glossy Zink Magazine had selected the story for their March issue...So that's great news!
Sorry about not having posted about NY Fashion Week yet. I haven't really had the most ideal of days: someone tried to mug me on the street, the police who were around came to ask me what happened, for a moment I actually thought all my pityful life savings were gone for good... All in all, I had my very unwanted and very unglamourous fifteen minutes of fame. Everything is ok now but the whole story made me lose some precious time. NY Fashion Week post tomorrow, I promise!
Did you have a nicer day than I did?


  1. so great pics! thank u so much for visiting my blog! i like your blog too and the header pic! so cool! lots of kisses!

  2. wow check out those pics xxxxxxx

  3. Fabulous pictures - you must be so proud!

  4. These photos are beautiful! I think you did such a great job at capturing both the movement and shape of ballerinas with the vibe of Studio 54. I also like how the lights add to the Studio 54 club experience where they can be bright and obscure your sight while dancing. =)

    Sorry to hear about the mugging attempt, but and happy to hear everything is ok...

  5. Jolies photo !
    Sympa d'ĂȘtre passĂ© nous voir ;)
    Bisous des Berlinettes xx


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