Thursday, 4 February 2010

Treasure Island

I'm not the "diamonds are a girl's best friend" type. I generally think dogs make better friends than inanimated objects... But I can't help getting greedy like Blackbeard would have when exposed to jewellery like this. "Le coffret de Victoire" is one of Victoire de Castellane's latest fantasies for Dior Joaillerie, inspired by pirates and sea life. And, like the sea, it's messy, mysterious and fascinating.
I have been a longtime fan of Mme de Castellane. The first time I saw one of her Diorette rings, a whole new world opened up for me: Could it really be possible to create colours and shapes like those with metal and stones? Could really haute joaillerie be fun? As a matter of fact, I still think the same with every single new Dior Joaillerie collection.

I've totally fallen in love with "le Coffret de Victoire" (after all, I come from the seaside, and years ago, before I decided to live "superexciting fashion adventures", my life ambition was to become as wicked a pirate as could be), but the truth is each one of the jewels designed by de Castellane is a little treasure. I love her naïveté, and the way her excessive designs and luscious materials are in the verge of trashy design but manage to always stay incredibly elegant...Victoire de Castellane is a girl's best friend!

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  1. These are truly some of the most stunning pieces ever! The whimsy found in each one is gorgeous - they make me think of fairytales and Alice in Wonderland. What a gorgeous discovery!! :)

  2. ooh these are so dazzling and beautiful! i just love sparkly jewelry, so this is perfect for me.
    xoxo alison

  3. gorgeous pieces! I'm e-mailing you now :)

  4. ohhh so cute thigs!

  5. Gracias por tu comentario! :)
    He visto tu otro blog y me ha gustado mucho!

  6. such amazing pieces. wow!!


  7. Ack, these jewellary pieces are so beautiful and fantastic but I bet they're so damn expensive. I so so so so want that seahorse ring in the first pic!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  8. Wowwowwow! I completely agree about the whole "diamonds really aren't so much my best friend". I'm more into opals, cashmere and human best friends.

  9. thaanks for your cute comment:)
    how are you?

  10. This jewelry is a lot more interesting than just plain and simply diamonds! :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, and support, I really appreciate it! ♥


  11. So beautiful!!
    Mme de Castellane is my new best friend :)

  12. oooooh I want all of this xooxox

  13. These rings are amazing...That last one in particular just blows me away! Beautiful....

  14. I love Coffret de Victoire's Romantic and Dreamy world.
    Although it seems that toys of natural creatures are organized at random, her jewel is elegant, sophisticated, heart-warming and not childish.
    It was amazing♥

    Best regard to 160 mag and you.


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