Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Over the rainbow

Who wouldn't do anything just to own shoes as glorious as this? Whilst working on an article today I remembered how absolutely perfect Salvatore Ferragamo's shoes used to be. I mean, these Judy Garlands (that's the name of the beauty above) were created in 1938! Just picture yourself sipping a daiquiri by a swimming pool in Palm Springs wearing those shoes (and maybe also a turban, to add a bit more extravaganza). Those were the days. right? But all of Ferragamo's designs back then were colourful, visionaire and somewhat psychedelic. These are some of my favourites.

This black and white number is so chic. I would wear it anytime, it would look so perfect with all of my clothes. Oh well, dream away. Anyway, if, like me, you're a fan of funky wedges, there's loads to choose from this summer. It's silly because it's January and it's about 2 degrees outside and I'm wearing two pairs of socks, so it's not really the perfect time to think of sandals, is it? Still, I believe it's good to start thinking early of summer shopping. That way you know exactly which pieces you're obsessed with, what you will really need and what you can do without, instead of going completely stressed to Selfridges or Printemps and buying anything and everything like a fashion psycho. At least it works for me. So here are the coolest wedges of the season!
I've just posted one Proenza Shouler. But take a look at the whole collection, because all of the shoes are mental! The colours are to die for and I love the shapes.
There's little to say about Givenchy... Everyone wants these shoes. They are magnificent. I wonder wether it's possible to actually walk on the streets in these but they really are magnificent.
This Anna Sui is original and wearable. Love the cowboy feel to it.
Dior is another must of the season. Half Hollywood golden age and half Studio 54... so cool!
If you like a more low key kind of shoe you're lucky, because this is officially the softest, most feminine, sorbet, powdery season in many years, and there are really lovely pieces.

Stella McCartney has a whole range of cork wedges. They are all minimal and easy to wear, and I think they look really comfortable. The ones above would look so cool just with a denim short and an oversized plain t-shirt.
Roger Vivier was, alongside Ferragamo, one of the first shoemakers to design wedges. This number is classic, summery and oh-so-chic.
For really classic ladies there's nothing like Ralph Lauren, is there?

Donna Karan is always urban. And always fashionable.
This shoe is from Viktor & Rolf. You wouldn't say it after seeing the show, which was so excessive and so...Viktor & Rolf. I really like it because it keeps the fantasy spirit of the show whilst being pretty and wearable.
And, finally, yeah! Salvatore Ferragamo still does wedges. The style is simpler, true, but it is still outrageously chic.
So...Which one is your favourite? Will you be wearing wedges this summer?


  1. That first Ferragamo wedge is so iconic! Of these, my favourites are the final Ferragamo wedge, the Givenchy and the Proenza Schouler.

    I've been hopelessly in love with wedges the last few months, but the snow and ice we've got at the moment makes it impossible to wear them. Can't wait for spring!

  2. Crazy crazy shoes, it's great to look at shoe HISTORY sometimes...
    The Givenchy are crazy, even if I hate wedges !!

  3. OMG, those are wild shoes ^^ I'm in love with the last two! They are so incredible and feminine :) I don't wear wedges, i don't know, maybe i've never found the perfect ones to catch my eye, perhaps that's gonna change this year!
    Thanks for your adorable comment in my blog, i answered you already there*

  4. I saw all the ferragamo's wedges during a show here in ravello, they were fantastica and so actual. love them all and thanks for stopping by!
    love iole

  5. I love, love , love wedges!
    Modcloth has some pretty/affordable ones :)
    Thank you for posting these!
    The Viktor+Rolf and the Roger Vivier ones are oh so delicate!

  6. Good god these are just WHOA!
    love. love. love the first pair :)
    prettyneons X

  7. great post - i have to say my fave has to be the ferragamos!

    nice blog ;)


  8. Wedges are just too perfect. I especially love the third and fourth pair.

  9. wow, i wish i had the boldness to strut around in these!

  10. that givenchy pair..
    oh my oh my.
    i need to save up some money..immediately.


  11. love the last 2 pairs!i have 2 wedges for summer so i ll wear them and they are quite comfy to walk.


  12. I LOVE seeing styles from 70, 80 years ago that are fresh and modern. Good design is good design!

    Love all the wedges. I got a pair from Fendi last year and I love them, except that they have a tiny braided strap that does up at the ankle and it cuts into me when I walk. I need to sort that out because they are actually quite comfortable, beyond the sawing away at my skin!

  13. The black and white one, and yes I will :)

  14. I really love the red ones with gold/silver straps and jeweled platform. Wow I own one pair Ferragamos, but they don't look like this!


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