Monday, 15 February 2010

The perfect bag for Glastonbury

I'm still a bit confused about the horrible news concerning Alexander McQueen, I'm just starting to realize what his death will mean to the fashion industry... But life goes on, doesn't it?
This is the subject I was going to post when I heard the news the other day. Kate cancelled all the presentations and publicity appointments of her range for Longchamp, which were due on thursday night. She was close friends with McQueen.
Anyway, Kate has still a reason to be happy: the great work she has done alongside the Longchamp team. The first time I saw these bags I thought they were some of the most amazing, chic, perfect bags I had ever seen. I love the way they are simple, kind of classic and practical yet they have the details that make the difference (the zebra lining and the foulards attached to them are simply genius). Plus they cost around 500 euros, which is far from the rent-like prices of many (not very chic and not very well crafted) it-bags. Miss Moss said she really liked the fact that some of the bags were perfect for a weekend away, and some of them were "the perfect bag for Glastonbury": comfortable, easy to wear, rock-style bags with undeniable flair. The range truly brings together the best of an old-school brand like Longchamp and a modern-day style icon like Kate. It makes me think of that other lovely range Sofia Coppola designed for Louis Vuitton. It had the same understated chic I adore.
A good bag is probably one of the best investments you can make. One of the favourite items in my dressing room is a black leather bag with a black crêpe silk lining and metallic handles my grandmother bought in Milan in the 70's. The leather has the most amazing quality and the bag has a classic shape yet there is a punk spirit to it. I wouldn't change it for anything! So, if you are looking for the perfect bag, the one that will look uber chic now as well as in 50 years, you won't find any better than Kate Moss for Longchamp.


  1. It is tragic news I still feel so very bewildered,though I didn't even know won't ever be the same again :(
    On a lighter note these bags are great.

    prettyneons X

  2. There's no way on earth that I wouldn take a 500 euro bag to Glastonbury - it would get so dirty with all the mud! Kate just doesn't live in the real world at all! x

  3. All Kate Moss touches turn gold!
    she is awesome!

  4. I like mini blue and black bags, although.
    Useful and Compact but Not Interesting and Unique.

  5. i really like her as a light blonde. she looks stunning in these photos. the bags are nice. but im not really loving them.. which is a good thing since theyre so pricey.. hehe
    i hope youre having a great week. ive been missing you dear. xx ediot


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