Sunday, 21 February 2010

Intern! Get me another Campari.

A few years ago I was a teen growing up in a Spanish provincial town. People my age didn't really like me since I behaved in a different manner and liked to do weird things like reading and watching old movies. I didn't really like them in return either... But the first time I saw "The Royal Tenenbaums" I realized there was nothing really wrong with me: I had the right to be different and it was OK to not be popular. And so I loved Wes Anderson.

Now (thank God) I've left my teenage years far behind and I don't in the least care about what people think of me, but I still adore Wes Anderson! The reasons?
1. He deeply analyzes his character's intellectual and emotional troubles but is never tragic or takes himself too seriously.
2. His films feature always the same team of actors, and there are some of my favourite among them (I just love Angelica Huston and Bill Murray)
3. There is such a comic sense of weirdness.
4. His films have the best soundtracks ever.
5. He takes impeccable care of all aesthetic details, of every kind (that includes fashion: don't you just love the way Margot Tenenbaum, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, wears an amazing Fendi mink coat on top of a Lacoste tennis dress?).
6. Without Mr. Anderson, none of the young "independent film directors" would exist nowadays.

Also, "The Darjeeling Limited" features one of my dream fashion objects: that magnificent Louis Vuitton case set especially designed for the film. Don't you just think the prints, the shapes and the numbers in it are the most perfect thing ever?
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" is premiering in Paris now. Finally. I'm not a big fan of cartoons really, but if they're Wes Anderson I bet they'll be different. Can't wait to see it!


  1. hi dear. hope youve had an great weekend! wes anderson is an genius. love his movies too.. and the zissou dance and not to forget the music!! is amazing. take care.xx ediot

  2. I adore Wes Anderson but my favourite film is Rushmore. That luggage is amazing, I hope one day to have a collection of my own monogrammed luggage but they don’t think they would lend themselves to flying economy class.

  3. i think the same! it's seems like the bag was produced only for the movie! and is so nice! like the style cause is different from the most of bags nowadays! lots of kisses! :D

  4. Hi!!!
    I had the same problem in my teen years. But i agree with you and i also don't care about it either. I rather be different and unique that pretend to be like everyone else.
    Those are 2 of my favorite movies ever!

  5. I too adore Wes Anderson. He's such a clever individual - as are his films. Do let us know how "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is. I've been dying to see that film myself!! :)

  6. OOooh yes, I love Wes Anderson, Royal Tennebaums and Fantastic Mr Fox are two of my favorite films of his. His films always look so gorgeous!!!

  7. yes! I get you!
    you see, I used get the best grades in my classroom and I dont really study as much as others so they used to hat me a lot...
    now, people seem to have grown up and hey I realized that people are ALWAYS going to speak baly about you but just be a yourself and it wont be that hard to face it

  8. I love how each of his movies focus on different aspects of a story. Rushmore has always been one of my favorites, but Royal Tenenbaums might be my second fave.

  9. Mi favorita es la de Royal Tenenbaums. Tengo ganas de ver la neuva tambiƩn.

    B* a la Moda

  10. Hi Marta.
    Great post.
    As a teenager I was kind of the indie outcast as well, and music and films were the things that kept me sane those years.
    Wes Anderson is def. on my top 5 favourite directors; love his aesthetic vision and also love the fact that in his films, ethics and values such as friendship and true love are what really matters in the end.

  11. Interesting reasons on why to love Wes !
    I have a problem with him but I had to love the Darjeeling anyway, just because Adrien Brody is so so great in that movie....

    I still appreciate his quirkiness tho !

  12. this was a great post. And they're all great movies!

  13. wes anderson is genius. and pastel colors are forever.

    helen xx


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