Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bye Bye Baby

NY Fashion Week catwalk reviews tomorrow... Tonight I'm just indulging.
I had the loveliest weekend with Ed; I'm so sad now he's gone back to London.

By the way, I had totally forgotten to talk about it here; but lovely Dyan from Whimsy Being interviewed me for her blog a couple of days ago. You know I don't usually post images of myself, but you can see one, as well as the complete interview, here.


  1. well it is a lovely photo and a very interesting interview

  2. I've always loved her sleepy, husky voice! cute post. :D

  3. Glad to hear you had a great valentine's weekend!

    Also, can't wait to read your thoughts on Fashion Week!


  4. Thank you for the nice comment on my illustration blog. I see you are from Paris...I'm moving there this summer! I'm going to follow you, i hope you'll follow me as well :)



  5. thank u so much for ur sweet comment!
    love her!:)

  6. wow girl, I envy people who writes for fashion magazines like you. i love that photo of you in the interview, very stunning.

    btw, should you be interested or just for fun, btw, Creative Fashion is inviting creative girls like to join our contest "Empty that closet!" for a chance to win expensive accesory from New York Design Shop.

    Here is the link to the contest:

  7. This is so sweet - I absolutely adore Marilyn! So glad that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, darling!! :)


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