Thursday, 25 February 2010

Do me daily Christopher Bailey

So on tuesday I was invited to view the Burberry show at Quai Malaquais, here in Paris. The Burberry team very cleverly organized 3D live screenings of the show in several cities around the world (New York, Dubai, Tokyo, LA and Paris). So I went there with the 160grams team. I didn't expect though a cocktail party to be happening in the building when we got there at 4pm! Maybe the champagne made me even more excited about the collection, but in any case (as you already know) I absolutely adore Christopher Bailey's work.
Prior to the show, there were some live interviews, including one to Bailey; I was impressed to see how calm and zen he looked just five minutes before the show began. Normally, under those circumstances, designers are neurotic and hysterical wrecks, to say the least.
Then the show started and... in came the coats: magnificently-proportioned, uber-chic, for-all-occasions coats. Pure perfection. One thing Bailey said before the show was that he got his inspiration after finding an aviator jacket in the archives; then he thought it could be just as versatile as the trench coat. What do you like best, the trench, the woollen coats or the aviator jackets? I have always thought the trench is the ultimate representation of perfection when it comes to clothing (it's so practical and complete, it has such flair and...It goes literally with everything!) but with this collection I honestly cannot choose. If you have the same problem as me (and a little fatter bank account than me), you can just get them all before everyone else does, until tomorrow, on the Burberry website.

I very much think the coat above is my favourite piece of the entire collection. It would be just perfect with all of my clothes...

And the shoes! warm, comfortable and trendy for a cold Northern winter. Note to self: get those sheepskin ankle boots.


  1. Oh, what a magnificent opportunity! such a stunning collection! I'm truly adoring the short hemlines and thigh-high boots - fabulous combination!! :)

  2. Ahh lucky you! Those shearling boots are so good.

  3. Wow, that is so cool you were there! I love the bold, striking collars on the jackets. =)

  4. No veo ninguna capa.
    Para mi eso no es una capa, pero me encanta casi todo.
    Un saludo

  5. From this collection, I think I prefer the leather/shearling jackets. But the buckled boots are my favourites. I think a pair of those would have saved my sanity this winter...

  6. im so in love with all of these jackets!!!

  7. Love the looks, especially the boots & shoes!

  8. That is so amazing that you were invited to the Burberry show! I love their jackets this collection, they really got it perfect with this collection!

  9. oooooh im loving everything x

  10. I hope I'll be able to do these things to in the future ! ;D
    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on my work at 160g blog, it really means SO much to me !
    And really, 160g shows such a great theme that I'm more than happy to be in this adventure !

  11. OMG ^^ it's very dangerous to post these magnificent coats and jackets to a coat maniac like me :D
    They all look perfect, beautifull, and...the boots, i rather not think about the wonderful ankle boots

  12. Ah your sooo lucky! The collection looks amazing, esp the shoes!

  13. Burberry never dissapoints me
    love all the coat and military frocks!


  14. hi dear. nice post. i adore the jacket. how has your weekend been? did you do anything fun? i went to see some friends and it was so nice. but i didnt take any photos.
    plus i made an new print.. which is always funfunfun!

    hope youll have a n great monday.
    p.s be happy youre not in the snow. it messes everything up. no train no trams no transportation when there is this much snow. fortunately its raining away as we speak ;)

    xx ediot

  15. I was literally in clothing heaven reading this post. I can't chose either between the trench or the aviator... But I think I would get a trench only for the versatility, that is, if I could afford a Burberry trench!


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