Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Let's forget about fashion for just a bit.

After all these Fashion Weeks I think I might need a break. Paris Fashion Week started only yesterday and already so many lovely and not so lovely things have happened! As I write I'm looking at a monstruous pile of invitations, which is kind of cool but kind of scary as well. On the plus side: I've been having drinks with my friends between show and show which is lovely and relaxing; I've had my picture taken by streetstyle photographers, which is always loads of fun, because you are treated like a star when you are absolutely not one! I've already seen some cool shows (Anthony Vaccarello and Tim Van Steenbergen among others, I'll talk about them in the next few days). On the not-so-cool side, I've spent the last few days running from here to there like a show-viewing machine, and I'm aching so much already from the absurdly high shoes I'm wearing!
I've had this Ramones song in my head in the last few days. I wonder why. Anyway, it's cool to forget about fashion from time to time, because it can be such a consuming subject. I'll be running from show to show for the rest of the week, but every time I get a minute I'll post something, so keep checking the blog!


  1. Thanks for the blast from the past! Sounds like you're having a blast at the shows!

  2. Sounds fun! Look forward to hearing about Paris Fashion Week!

  3. My favourite song from them is blitzreig bop!!

  4. No sabía que trabajabas para todas esas revisas. Qué divertido lo de los desfiles, pero qué agotador también.

    B* a la Moda

  5. really ncie song ♥

  6. so happy for you darling! i hope youre really enjoying yourself there. which shows are you going to?
    take care and have a lovely weekend

    xxx ediot

  7. thats pretty cool! enjoy the rest of the week!


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