Friday, 20 November 2009

What Katie did

So Kate Moss has shocked the world. Again. Really, you don't say.
Appearently, what she has done this time is saying something like "nothing tastes as good as being skinny". Obviously all the media and all the antianorexic organizations have made a whole scandal of it. What they forgot to mention was that, with that sentence, she was explaining her thoughts when she is tempted to eat too much. They also forgot to mention the rest of the sentence, that went: "Actually thinking like that never works for me". To be completely honest, I think that's what 80% of the girls in this planet think when too close to the biscuits jar... And, of course, for most of us, it never works (I'm stuffing myself with chocolate as I write this). Anorexic girls can interpret what Kate said in a destructive way, true. But then again anorexic people distort reality.
Anyway, I don't want to enter that debate, I find it incredibly boring. I just wanted to use it as an excuse to talk about Kate's flammable personality. People want her to be some sort of role model because around six billion girls try to imitate her in every possible way. She is an icon. But she herself has imitated some other icons... In the words of Cary Grant (much to my boyfriend's annoyance the most elegant man in history), "I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until I finally became that person. Or he became me". Same with Kate.

When Mario Sorrenti took this picture and she was about 16, she had the genius stroke to act and look like a young Jane Birkin: innocent but erotic. Her attitude was so different from the supermodels', and that's what brought her that incredible success (superwomen are too perfect to be truly fascinating).

As time went by, she shifted towards other inspirations, but the Jane-Birkinnes in her still remains.

So basically, Kate is like a cocktail: a bit of Faye Dunaway's facial expression (I mean of course Bonnie and Clyde's Faye, not the current plastic surgery-overdosed Faye.)

A bit of Marianne Faithful's confusing sensuality,

Debbie Harry's rock & roll sense,

And a laaaaaaaaaaaarge portion of Brigitte Bardot (sometimes you can't even tell who's who). And voilà! You've got Kate. Looks simple as pie, but as the French say, "fallait y penser"!
As for miss Moss being the devil reincarnated into a model's body, she's just that: a model. She never asked to be the 21st century version of Immanuel Kant.


  1. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," a quote from the legend herself....hmmmmm?!

  2. OK, my bad - I didn't read the writing!

    She now feels like one of us regular joe bums...which makes us feel good yeah? She struggles with her weight like everybody else and has to calorie count like the best of us. But, after keeping her perfect little mouth shut for 20 years about her eating habits...has she not now altered the views of the millions of young girls who hold her up on a pedestal?

  3. I'm not a huge Kate Moss fan, but wow at the pictures you got. I guess she's not as original as people think. But I'd definitely put her in the 'icon' category.

  4. I've noticed these similarities before, but i really love the jane birkin outfit, my fave! :)


  5. thank's a lot. i even like the pics at yours.

    kate, you little copycat. grr. perfect pictures!

  6. qué post más increíble! me ha encantado. Tienes razón, los periodistas y las asociaciones tienden a interpretar lo que dice la gente según más les convenga... No creo que Kate Moss dijera algo a favor de la anorexia, seguro que ha sufrido mucho por eso.

    PD: gracias por tu comment! :) Creo que sí que fabrican los tamagotchies todavía, si no, en ebay seguro que hay! :P

  7. Can I just say completely agreed regarding Cary Grant? And those shots of Marianne Faithful are heartbreaking--and really surprising to me in their similarity to Kate M. when side by side.

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