Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Art of the trench

Last week Christopher Bailey got a new job as Burberry's chief creative officer. To be fair this came as no surprise; it seems only normal to honour the man responisble for Burberry's resurrection and increasing profits in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis. But Bailey is also one of the chicest designers in the industry (I can guarantee: had I the necessary budget, 80% of my wardrobe would be Burberry Prorsum).

Bailey's latest collection received raving reviews and was one to successfuly interpret spring's soft-and-feminine trend without being boring. All that draping work was new and exciting. But just so are all his other collections: here's a peak at Bailey's timeline as the creative head of Burberry Prorsum. These are some of my faveourite looks.

A/W 2009

S/S 2009

A/W 2008

S/S 2008

A/W 2007

S/S 2007
I just love the way Bailey is capable of going from hard-rock to soft-and-powdery without ever losing control of the brand's identity. I was completely obsessed by thet black leather-studded trench for more than half a year, and that cream-coloured coat (worn by Jessica Stam above) inspired thousands of pieces in the high street (remember all those coats, trenches and jackets with the same cut in the sleeves?)

A/W 2006

S/S 2006
Trenchcoats have no secrets for Bailey. He has endlessly reinterpreted Burberry's iconic garment without ever being repetitive, boring or running out of inspiration. I would actually go as far as to say he is more brilliant and unique at reworking the trench than Karl Lagerfeld at reworking the tweed suit. Burberry is precisely celebrating the most practical coat ever invented with a new project, Art of the Trench. Don't miss it!


  1. You're absolutely right in your opinion, he is a great designer. The clothes are always classy, intemporal, feminine and at the same time glamorous ^^


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked it, keep coming!I'll surelly visit your's now that i discovered it ^^


  3. I loved their AW09 accessories, they made me reevaluate the way I saw Burberry

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  5. It is my life long ambition to own a perfect trench coat. I once owned one, but returned it.

  6. so many fantastic pieces, i wish i could own just one!!

  7. i love all these pictures you have found

    the trench is so simple yet perfect

    if only i had the money


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