Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mon beau sapin

Christmas is getting close. I just realized I have hardly been thinking about it (despite all the lights, the Christmas windows and the Christmas merchandising we are bombarded with year after year); I'm neither a freak Christmas fanatic nor one of those people that go about saying how much they absolutely hate Christmas to anyone who will listen. I simply enjoy eating lovely Spanish food and the Christmas tree... Which brings me to my actual subject: that famous Chanel Jade nail polish. Karl Lagerfeld originally created it to match his autumn collection, but a green polish seems quite appropiate for this time of the year. I'm internationally known for my daring nail colours (I started using Rouge Noir long before it became a classic and I detest what is called "the French manicure"), I own a wide range of reds, oranges, pinks and purples but... Would I actually wear a green nail polish? I've always thought extravagant colours need to be sublime, otherwise they look just plain silly. That's why I like the Chanel one. But I hear it's completely sold out, so I've been looking for other alternatives.
Those of you who wouldn't wear green can wear Jade Rose, the discreet version of this season's limited edition... But I think it's sold out as well.
Anyway, Monsieur Lagerfeld is not so original: ages ago Mac launched the exact same colours.
The green one is called Peppermint and it looks this cool.

Other similar alternatives can be found at Bourjois (for half the price) and Shu Uemura.
I've also seen this Sephora one. Turquoise can be beautiful, but I think it's too summery.
I have really fallen in love with this Nars, though. I think this deep green is really exotic and can be truly elegant. I actually think it's much more me than the jade one...
Which one is your favourite? Do you wear green nail polish?


  1. I usually use soft colors such as light pink and beige. As for the green color, yes, why not? But only during the summer!

  2. love these colours!! i have a lovely green sage colour by barry m..
    love your blog!
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  3. I love the darkest Nars nail varnish best - very unique.

    I always used to wear jade nail polish as a kid and so I guess the darker one makes me feel a bit more grown-up!

    thanks for commenting on my blog :)


  4. Hi ^^
    1º I believe i can now say that i'm getting tottaly addicted to your blog!I really love to read your posts!
    2º About Christmas: i'm crazy about Christmas but not in the freeky way. I love the traditions and gathering the family, the portuguese food and also the fabulous Christmas tree..
    3º About Nail Polish - i like to see many colours, but i usually don't wear them because i'm not used to it, but i'm starting to wear bordeaux, grey, and i often use beije, or just no nail polish. I'm luky to have what people call "natural manicure". Anyway, i loved the Shu Uemura example (i didn't know it) but the last one is absolutely my favorite! As you might noticed in my blog, i really love dark colours, most od all the dark green, so that deep green is really perfect. Hope i can find it some day**

  5. Yeah, I used natural manicure for years, I think it's really pretty... But once you start getting used to bold colours you sort of get addicted to them!
    Thanks for your kind words, I'm happy you like the blog!


  6. I adore green polish, especially that NARS!


  7. Who doesn't like nail polish? I just love all colours and types!
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  8. such pretty colours. i don't think i could wear green polish though.

  9. loving the mint green - never thought i would say that before lol x

  10. I love the Green Chanel one, but it is a bit expensive. I'm in love with bright red shades.

  11. Esa laca de uñas está siendo la locura. Y sí, has oido bien, en españa es hiperdifícil de encontrar y se de una chica que fue a nueva york y se trajo 20 tarros...

    Besos y gracias por el comment!

  12. i am definitely in love with the green nail polish ... you can see this from one of my previous post: http://scrapbook.unocosa.com/2009/11/my-daily-lookbook-013.html


  13. Although I'm aware bright, colorful, rainbowy nail-polishes are likely to leave you looking dangerously teenager-y I cannot help myself. Show me bright, muted or hunter greens and you got my attention. Yellow, orange, salmon, purple, lilac, blue, you name it, I have tried it and display them proudly on my nail polish basket. Oddly enough, pinks and reds I steer clear of.


  14. The green nail polish is amazing. I liked the green one. I usually prefer reds and browns all the time.




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