Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Beauty roundup for the winter

Sorry about the last three days, I've been so busy! But I realized I still haven't done a beauty roundup for this autumn and winter. I really needed some inspiration because I felt like changing the way I normally make up (earth tones in the eyes, healthy but discreet blush, nude lips), but I'll have to wait until next year for that since this season it's all about naturals! We've seen it at Burberry, at Chloé, Max Mara, Marni, Missoni... it's either nude eyes with "bitten" lips (a very light touch of red lipstick mixed with loads of Carmex does it for me) or brown and slightly golden eyeshadow with beige-nude lips. Hair is straight but messy almost everywhere, so unless your hair is wonderfully perfect and obedient (and mine is not) you are not yet going to forget about hair products (one of the big questions in life is why oh why is it so difficult to look like you "just got out of bed"?). Also, if I have time and patience one of these days, I'll try the Rodarte sideways bun, I think it looks really lovely!
Long hair seems to be living its Golden Age, but if you have short hair, you can get inspired by Tao Okamoto's quirky looks at Max Mara. With the sunglasses it looks even better.

Oh, and smoky eyes seem to make a comeback... Did they ever really get out of fashion? I know, it is goddamn difficult to be able to paint your eyes black and look as good as Mariacarla does (here at Versace). For a long time all I could achieve by doing the "smoky eyes thing" was to look like a member of the Adams family. As I practiced I evolved and managed to look simply like a mess (an ugly one, not a chic one), but I kept on practising and now I look just sort of average. I guess at this pace in about 20 years I'll master the art of smoky eyes. But if you still insist on trying this, I highly recommend metallic tones that include dark grey (it's easier to manage and the effect is better) Chanel has probably the best shades.

During the fashionweek we also saw some sophisticated ladies at Lanvin (mais bien sûr), Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton. Paradoxically, it's simple: discreet eyes (neutral eyeshadow or liner) and red lipstick (matte). A strict hairdo makes the whole look much sexier (I am so trying the Bottega one) and thick glasses will take you to the next level (from strict sophisticated lady to sexual fantasy).

Those of you who have the time and boldness it takes , you can try John Galliano's signature makeup! It's the whole thing: big big eyes, fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, fake mouth (I mean painted smaller than it really is), about two million hairpins and...it's done! What I really love about this look though are the nails, manicured in a 1930's style (pointy, whith the bit next to the cuticle painted in white). The purple nail polish is really cool too.
So now you can choose your looks, and... go makeup shopping!

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