Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fabulous weekends in London and Paris

I can think of loads of things to talk about today; but first of all, my new obsession: this amazing set of computer and I-Pod case designed by Gareth Pugh in collaboration with Colette. I just love love love the print. You all know Gareth is one of my favourite all-time designers, and this confirms it: generally this kind of collaborations and team-work are lame and too commercial, but Pugh's designs are just perfect. Also, I hear now it is possible to get Angelina's famous Mont Blanc cakes at the Waterbar. A double reason to visit Colette as soon as possible.
If you are not in Paris these days but are nonetheless lucky enough to be in London, you have lots of fabulous things to do...Starting tomorrow! Showstudio's latest project at Somerset House is no less than a Vogue cover shoot involving Nick Knight (bien entendu) and Natalia Vodianova. All you have to do is visit the Fashion Revolution exhibition.
Other than that, there is an event taking place at the V&A on the 14th. "Restyling and Refashioning" includes talks by respected stylists, workshops and a clothes swap! You bring in your vintage and new clothes and get a voucher to swap them; and what's more, you also get a stylist's personalized advice on how to wear the garments you have chosen. Could it be any cooler?


  1. I miss Paris terribly! (Colette, Angelina...drool.) And it kills me that I'm in the north east and too far from London to skip down at a moment's notice (but much closer than my original home in Toronto!). I adore Gareth Pugh as well as Showstudio so I do appreciate this post (even though I will have to admire from afar!) ♥

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, sorry for the late response, hope you're doing great, and your post just woke me up, love london.. Lol
    Check out my blog, I may take you to the next Paris Fashion Week ;)
    I'm following you now with rss feed, follow me too!



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