Monday, 30 November 2009

Let them eat cake

I was working on an accessory report this morning when I came accross these two S/S shoes that nearly gave me heart failure (and believe me, I'm not the Fashion Heart Failure type). I now know what shoes I'm going to be obsessed with for the next 6 months. Christian Louboutin's Versaillesque inspiration is no secret to anyone ever since he created those amazing Marie Antoinette heels last year. But personally I think these two pairs are just as fit for Marie Antoinette, if not more. I think indeed they would go very well with looks like these and situations like these:

However, since powdered wigs and corsets are (for the moment being) out of fashion, a good styling alternative would be, for instance, a long, 1930's-inspired dress (for the white stilettos), and a short powder pink silk dress for the wedges. Any more ideas, anyone?


  1. To be honest, those are not the kind of shoes i would buy for myself. Although, i know when to recognize a good design product and those elegant shoes are what i find to be a good product, very classy, elegant and also very Rocaille Marie Antoinette style. They are indeed, beautiful.
    But, like you, i also think the should suit very nicely the 30's look, with a soft colour dress, like beije, or soft pink. Maybe even a soft green to mach the nail polish you mentioned the other post ^^

  2. love love love them:::::))))

  3. I adore marie antoinette its one of my favorite movies ever!!
    and loubutine is just wonderful
    PS: Did you know that the movie's shoes were designed bu Manolo Blanhik
    PS: i added you to my blogroll

  4. Love the second shoe, totally fits in with the whole theme. Stylistically, Marie Antoinette is one of my fave films, the pastel colours of the film and setting is gorgeous and so inspiring. Should watch it again...

  5. have i died and gone to high heel heaven?

  6. i really like the second pair... something about the gold lattice. I love ankle straps; this one is very delicate. such a perfect, classic Louboutin arch too.

  7. I guess to not overdo it you could just pair them with incredible well fitted jeans and a simple but chic top...

    I love both of them, is so Paris!!!


  8. Second pair is amazing!!


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