Thursday, 19 November 2009

Good day sunshine!

The title is sarcastic. I started my day by reading in an English newspaper (a "real" English newspaper, not the Daily Mail) the lovely news that the human race will be almost extinct by the end of the century. For some reason this filled me with existential angst and a certain apocaliptic feeling. Maybe it's because I know no one will need something as futile as a fashion writer when, in a couple of years, we find ourselves living in pseudo-prehistorical conditions somewhere in Greenland... It wasn't until some hours later, when I came accross Pierre Dal Corso's website, that I started being my own cheerful self again. He is a lovely talented photographer I've had the pleasure to work with thanks to Sophie. I hadn't seen much of his work, though, and I have really liked what I've seen today: Pierre is especially gifted when it comes to colour treatment, close-ups and makeup photography. He catches all the nuances in femininity; his girls are sexy but you can see a special complicity in their eyes. These beautiful photos were an inspiration for me today... And they made me forget about our doomed destiny.
All photographs by Pierre Dal Corso.


  1. Hello there* I really loved this post because it really cheers up anyone, the colours are fantastic, feminine, and the makeup is like a veil in the models! Thank you for your positive energy ^^


  2. Ha! I hate the Daily Mail too.

    Pierre's work is beautiful and dreamy.

  3. Lovely images, I laughed at your Dail Mail comment, it never ceases to annoy me.


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