Monday, 22 March 2010

True Love

She was so perfect. So ladylike yet so fresh, so sporty yet so delicate. So neat yet so mysterious. So independent yet so lovable. So Hamptons yet so adventurer.
I have been waiting for months to see the upcoming Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition at Victoria & Albert. It starts on 17 April, so... not so long now!
Personally, I think her utterly chic gestures, movements and attitudes have influenced me far more than her fashion sense. How do you feel about Miss Kelly? Would you consider her a big fashion influence of yours?

P.S: I have a new section on the right hand column of the blog, with several links to what I consider to be my fashion bibles (in other words, the websites I am totally addicted to). I hope you will enjoy them!


  1. I don't think I can ever aspire to that level of elegance and glamour but I do admire her nonetheless.

  2. hi dear. thanks for this post. im afraid to say i didnt really much about what she looked like. so this post was brilliant for me. thanks so much for sharing. she definitely was an timeless beauty

    xx ediot

  3. Ahh, dear Grace.. I can't wait to see the exhibition about her at the V&A!

  4. Hi!! well, she is definetly an iconic women in my life, my sense of femininity and style! She is inimitable and unique.
    I already saw the new column in the blog, very very interesting!Thanks so much for sharing***

  5. Oh, I'm really looking forward to this exhibition, too. I always admired her style and elegance.

  6. Es una mujer con un estilo y unos gestos y poses, como dices, impresionantes. De todas formas, tampoco es que la tenga muy presente en cuanto referencia. Pero no por nada. Vaya que me encanta pero tampoco la imito. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  7. Worthed the London trip... I will absolutely visit it !


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