Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Back to Black

Oh well, what is there to do? Holidays are over and it's back to work for everybody. I don't know wether you have some sort of post holiday depression, but I am seriously down in the dumps. One day I was enjoying a delicious cooked breakfast in the loveliest house in the English countryside and it was all magical and relaxing. The next day I find myself struggling with about 10 kg of supermarket shopping bags and an umbrella (of course, I come back to Paris and it's raining), trying to get the keys from my bag. Needless to say, my baguette fell on the wet floor, then my keys fell too, and when trying to get the keys I stepped on the bread... Everyday life.
I've decided to remember the pleasures of my English holiday by brunching at the Rose Bakery (46, Rue des Martyrs), which is the closest you can get to good English organic cooking here. True, it is expensive (12 euros for bacon and eggs? Seriously), and my boyfriend and I always used to make fun of its wholesome/bobo athmosphere. Nevertheless, it's good and definitely worth to try!
And not only am I depressed, but I'm also broke! So I can forget about shopping therapy for the moment. But I might invest in some good tights. Not very original, I know. Fantasy tights are everywhere this season: they are the best item of clothing for a period of recession. With two skirts and a little black dress (and hopefully a whole collection of shoes that you would have bought before the crisis) you can combine different tights and...VoilĂ ! different, cool, feminine looks for the whole autumn. I've already spotted some of them. I would go for Dim and French brand Gerbe.

But not everything is joy and fun with tights, I must say. They are such a hassle to pull down and up when you go to the loo! And what about when you are walking down the street and you start to feel them progressively falling down? You can't just pull them back up because it's so unfeminine. Then there are those tights that break 8 minutes after you first wore them. I've heard a lot of tricks and remedies to prevent this from happening: from putting them in the freezer before using them to the more effective solution of buying exclusively Wolford tights. They are absurdly expensive but they never break. I always buy mine from a bigger size than what I actually am to avoid all these unpleasant accidents.
Anyway, I might be depressed now, but next time when I'm acting absolutely ridiculous on the sidewalk, at least it will be in style!

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  1. Oh i really understand the tights drama ^^ I have my own solution, always wear a body to sustain them, so they don't fall. That's a big help because i really prefer skirts and dresses when is Autmumn/Winter season, well i'm a person who likes the cold weather ^^ and i really think A/W clothes are much elegant (just my opinion)

    kiss **


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