Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Milan Fashion Week has now ended... All in all, my favourite show was Fendi. I didn't quite understand what the music had to do in it, but I simply loved the sheer textures, clean colours and delicate details of the collection. It was elegant but not too ladylike, ideal for young feminine girls. And those shoes! Sublime and impossible. No wonder all of the models walked so carefully and some of them were a step away from falling noisily across the catwalk.
So the whole Fashion Fauna is migrating again, this time coming to Paris. From tomorrow on, I will be the one to suffer on heels instead of comfortably writing from home (wearing my fetish flipflops). Interesting shows tomorrow: Tim Van SteenbergeJustify Fulln, Limi Feu, Rochas and of course... Gareth Pugh at the Palais deTokyo. I still don't know how many shows I'll see because, frankly, it gets quite tiring running all around town in my 12 cm sandals, since I still don't have a car with a chauffeur waiting for me after every show. Maybe the best thing about Fashion week is "forgetting" some of the shows and going instead to Angelina (226 Rue de Rivoli) for tea and cakes. But I'll try and do my best this time. And of course I'll keep you posted on shows, front row, street style, parties and general gossip.

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  1. De vez en cuando podrías darte el respiro de ir en bailarinas... al fin y al cabo, siempre son tendencia, ¿nO? Y sobre todo, por favor, queremos que tus tobillos y pies se conserven en perfecto estado!!!
    Por cierto, me encantan las foftos del anterior post!!


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