Friday, 14 August 2009


I just come back from Spain. I went there about three weeks ago, whcih means I changed my usual landscape

for the landscape in which I was born.

I also changed these

for these,
and I changed this

for this:
And I LOVED every minute of it! No Facebook, no internet, in fact no computer and no telephone (I strategically forgot my mobile phone charger). Just fish, cornfields and little villages. I changed my heels for flipflops or bare feet and all my complicated outfits, makeup and hairdos for the simplest dresses, a healthy tan and beach hair. It is so refreshing to sometimes forget about fashion, what's fashionable, what's in, what's out, what's new, what's a must, what's modern, what's post-modern, what's the next best thing. Hearing peasants talking about their cows or their fruit trees seems to make so much more sense than hearing fashionable girls complaining about not having yet the latest Chanel bag. Being out of "civilisation" I actually wondered what does "civilised" mean. Sitting in the middle of a deserted beach (yes, beaches in Spain do get deserted this summer, all thanks to the crisis) I wished fashion was a little more human a little less pointless sometimes. But castles in Spain are over, and after all I do love fashion (although in a very particular way) so I'm back in Paris, capital of international glamour. The only difference is I have a much more clear and refreshed mind, and... I still refuse to torture myself by wearing heels again!


  1. Al final te harĂ¡s una campesina cantabruca...

  2. I believe that you are "in fashion" if you are true to yourself. I really apreciate wearing vintage clothes, go to my grandma's closet and rescue beautiful and forgotten pieces, and i really like when they become a part unique of me. For me fashion is not the pointless thing that everyone likes, It's the clothes that you chose and make you unique and feeling goos with yourself - Be fashion is an attitude. Is being feminine and confident, whenever you wear beautiful Christian Louboutain's, or the skirt from the 70's that belonged to my mother.
    Of course we like some extremely expensive items, but i do like the design and not the label or the price, or have the latest Chanel bag just because it is THE latest chanel, but having it because you really love the design (and you can buy it)



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