Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Feeling a bit blue a couple of evenings ago, I decided to curl up on the sofa, eat "pipas" non-stop (that's the Spanish in me) and watch a good film. I chose Manhattan, by Woody Allen. I loved it! Not only it made me laugh (I've always adored Woody Allen's character, obsessions and insecurities), but I also felt identified with Allen's professional confusion, personal integrity and opinions about love... Talking about his film, the iconic New York director once said "it deals with the problem of people trying to live a decent existence in an essential junk-obsessed contemporary culture without selling out". A true challenge nowadays, no doubt.
Most of the characters in this film seem so rational, yet so confused and at a loss of how to act when it comes to relationships... And, paradoxically, the youngest character in the film, 17 year-old Tracy (played by Mariel Hemingway- yes yes, Ernest's granddaughter) has no doubt about what she wants and who she loves. She doesn't want to evade from reality or pretend to be someone she is not. She is heartbroken but still comforts Allen in the (really moving) end of the film: "not everybody gets corrupted... You've got to have a little faith in people."I'll try to remember that from now on.
I thought Mariel Hemingway was magnificent in the film. She was only 16 during its production, before discovering yoga and plastic surgery, and her edgy beauty combined with the typical styling in Woody Allen's films (slightly androgynous, urban-but-elegant, covered-up but sexy) makes of her a true fashion icon!

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