Friday, 11 September 2009

Wuthering heights

I haven't worn heels in so long I'm dreading the moment I will have to jump up on them again. Is it really worth to suffer excruciating pain and not being able to move comfortably in exchange for 12 more centimeters, superb legs and a sultry glamourous silhouette?
Corsets and crinolines no longer exist, luckily for all fashionistas. But heels are the last form of fashionable torture. A woman in high heels is much more than just a sexy fantasy, she is making a statement: she is feminine, she is fashionable, she is wealthy and doesn't have to catch te tube or run after the bus, clearly. Or else she is like me and most of the girls (and some boys) I know; she takes the tube and sort of tries to run after the bus in a most ridiculous way and to her own risk. Not to talk about the unspeakable pain that heels provide: after years of being famous for wearing the most absurd shoes, I have discovered that my favourite thing about parties is the moment I get back home and give freedom back to my feet. Then I promise to myself I will never again suffer from such a horrid,self-imposed torture. But I fail to every time: a girl looks so magnificent and powerful wearing heels...
There is much more to heels than it seems. They are a drug; a young girl decides one day she is growing into a woman and maybe it's about time to try something new: why not wear heels? So she starts wearing very chic, Charles Jourdan-inspired 3 cm. After a couple of years (sometimes months) she starts on the 6 cm, a bit more audatious but still ok. But little by little she will get used to that and will have to add centimeter after centimeter... And one day she wakes up, a fully grown woman, a slave of Christian Louboutin with a bad back, bad ankles and unhealthy feet. She hates her 15 cm shoes, but she can't live without them. What to do?
Heels are irrational and artificial, but they are also beautiful... very Baudelairesque objects. The photos in this post are some of my favourite shoes from last year. Expect a post about the best pairs for this season soon...


  1. Espléndido!. Aunque no sufro high heels, comprendo el sufrimiento de llevar unos zapatos comme il faut. Xxxx.

  2. I tottaly agree with you. Although i don't wear those kind of heels so often, i know whow it feels, but it's as you say, they are gorgeous ^^ Well, i believe we have to balance a little bit between suffering and beuty once in a while...


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