Thursday, 24 September 2009

Best of London Fashion Week

I haven't had the opportunity of going to London for the last Fashion Week, I was busy in Paris participating in some new projects. But I have had reports from some of my friends, and gathered some conclusions:
1. London is no doubt becoming hotter and hotter in the mainstream fashion scene.
2. British designers no longer have to go to the world to become known- the world is now coming to them.
3. London is a cool, young, easy-going yet fashionable city. But that's no news to anyone, is it?

There have been some shows everybody is still talking about... The biggest new trend is light colours mixed with feminine, sultry shapes. I'm particularly happy about this, since I have always liked it! Burberry came back to London for the 25th anniversary of the Fashion Week with a display of drapings and short dresses... Some of them were absolutely lovely and covetable, but I still have a softspot for the more classic trench coat.

Christopher Kane was eclectic and surprising, as usual. He has gone from fluoro-obsession to ladylike to... Lolita goes picnincking! Good and bad taste mix incredibly well in this collection, in which something as classic and waspy as vichy print mixes with sharp shapes. It was disturbing and fascinating.

Luella Bartley has also changed with time. Her spring-summer 2010 has plain colours that made me think of Marc Jacobs and reminiscing 60's shapes that made me think of Balenciaga. It was a grown-up collection accessorized with girly details...Some of the dresses were indeed very cute.
Pringle of Scotland has gone back to its basics, which means good quality,and spring chunky knits mixed with floaty, ruffly short skirts.

Marios Schwab made a true fashion statement by being able to mix a deep historic research with commercially-successful pieces. His organza layerings and drapings created strange, almost sculptural proportions.

Everybody is now coming back from London, and some of my lucky friends are already on a trip to Milan, so I'll soon have more information on the spring-summer 2010 collections.

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