Friday, 4 September 2009


I have seen it several times and frankly, I'm not super crazy about it. Kate Moss is fabulous, "bien sûr", but... is she really the quintessence of parisian girls? (but does that matter? It's Kate. She turns into money everything she touches). The advert is openly erotic, Kate wears black leather and she indulges in a bunch of the biggest roses I've ever seen. The slogan, "Vivre et aimer sans attendre" makes me think more of James Dean than Jeanne Moreau and the film in general reminds me more of Tom Ford than of Yves Saint Laurent. But probably that's the whole point of it.
Anyway, this film made me think of another perfume advert, released a couple of months ago, which shows us a completely different "parisienne": Sophia Coppola's Miss Dior Chérie. In it, a young girl dances to Brigitte Bardot's music, cycles around Paris and eats "macarons". Apart from the obvious fact that each perfume advert is meant for a different customer, I would say Sophia Coppola's version of the ideal Parisian femininity and attitude is much more chic and original... and accurate! But I guess it's easier to sell a perfume to a wider range of people by using the "Paris=sex=luxury" cliché.

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