Monday, 25 January 2010

Through the rabbit hole

So Anna Wintour came to YSL today. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably know all about it now...Well, not only we all survived, but also appearently she was very interested in the Prefall collection. I'm glad for Stefano and for all the YSL team, everyone worked so hard so that everything would be perfect for the Queen Bee. People have asked me very often my opinion about Ms. Wintour. I always say she is not precisely my hero (that role goes to other people, like Terry Jones and of course Saint Jefferson Hack. I find their approach to fashion, and to pop culture in general, is much more complex and interesting), but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the work she does! She has given Vogue America a very definite identity (a waspy, bourgeois one, but that's merely a matter of choice) and she always works in excellence. And that is no doubt an example to follow. They say she is a control freak. I can understand that; putting together a magazine is a much more complicated work than it seems... On the whole, I think Vogue America has set extremely high quality and taste standards, which is really good. And it's Anna Wintour who is in charge of coordinating all, which is admirable. Apart from that, the fact that I'd rather spend my 8 euros buying Dazed than Vogue (and the fact that I see fashion with a completely opposite eye from hers) is purely personal.
Also, I won't go into commenting her personality. They say many things about her, true, and everyone was on the verge of a nervous breakdown at YSL this morning before she showed up, true as well, but I don't know her and all I've seen of her today has showed a professional, calm, polite woman doing her job. That sort of made me wonder to what extent her terrible reputation has been constructed by all the people who get really stressed whenever her name is mentioned. Anyway, people have talked so much about her I hardly think I can bring anything new to the debate... But I would like to know what do you think of her and her work!
From tomorrow on, keep an eye on the blog, because I'll be reviewing the couture shows! In the meantime, I leave you with the famous "Alice in Wonderland" shot that made history... in Vogue America.


  1. wow u actually met the real "devil wears prada!" :)

    i love this photoshoot, esp the one with uncle karl


  2. That photoshoot is really unbelievable!I love it in every detail. About you opinion, i agree with you, i believe it's not easy to do her job, but she does it perfectly and her personality, well, i don't know her, but i believe she can be very intimidating. I'm glad the visit went as you wished ^^
    Thanks for the comment!
    P.S. Looking forward for the next posts!

  3. Wow, you met her? How amazing.

  4. and that was a interesting reading !
    I'm glad for pilati as you said though I didn't really liked the prefall either !
    and thanks for the 'serious' gossip !!!

  5. I love hearing stories like this about Wintour; I never really believed she is as cruel as she's often portrayed, she just seems super focused.

    And of course I heartily approve of the choice of editorial. Natalia is wonderful here, as are all the designers!

  6. Great article to read, love your writting.


  7. Your writing in both blogs is great! So interesting and i love this shoot. A work of art!

    (thanks for leaving a comment on my blog(= )


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