Thursday, 1 October 2009

Girl on the moon

Gareth Pugh's show was incredible yesterday. It was a true pleasure to be able to work with his team, and it felt more like London than Paris, even if the show took place in one of the most iconic Parisian buildings, the Palais de Tokyo. Almost everyone else was English, and the girls were dressed in the fun and extravagant London fashion (I felt like such a "jolie madame" in my little black dress and feathered belt). The great thing about working with the PR team is to know who all the front-rowers are. Rihanna was without a shade of a doubt the star of the show, even though she was just as vulgar as ever. In contrast, Daphne Guinness was atomic.
In this show, Pugh explored a more delicate and light side of his creativity, but his trademark concept was still there. What fascinates me of this designer is the fact that his alien/robot shapes, far from being a cliché, are always subtle and poetic. His woman seems to be a lone warrior wearing a hard-edged shell that slowly unfolds to reveal a vulnerable creature with an otherworldly beauty. On this occasion she was a "girl on the moon", showing all tones of grey (including the hair and makeup), a deep fabric research and a duality between shadow and lights. Gareth Pugh understands more than just fashion, beauty and aesthetics; he also understands the human nature.

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  1. Jajajaja me ha encantado lo de Rihanna. Esta muchacha está en todos los saraos, siempre en el front row, pero eso sí, no hace ni caso a lo que ve, porque si no no me explico sus modelitos...
    El desfile de Gareth Pugh, realmente, ha debido de ser impresionante en directo!

    Que tengas mucho trabajo, o... ¿nO?


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