Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wardrobe tests for My Fair Lady

All these tests were meant for the infamous "move yer bloomin' arse" scene. I think all of them are lovely, but the last one is by far the most dashing, and the one that was finally used (we actually never see all the other looks in the film). All gowns by the wonderful Cecil Beaton.
I know I'm feeling quite nostalgic lately, and I'm actually really enjoying it...


  1. Oh I correct: the peach look is actually used in the scene whan she leaves Higgins' house and the one with the organza hat that looks like a cake is in the film as well, only in a pink version.

  2. This post explains some facebooking activity...

  3. The contrary! Se me ocurrió de tanto escuchar al profesor Higgins...


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