Saturday, 3 October 2009

Paris day 3

It was a big big day yesterday, whith some of the most important shows, the biggest front rows and the most glamourous guests. Christian Dior was no doubt the highlight of the day. I must say I was stunned and delighted at the amount of classic glamour and lack of bling bling in Galliano's latest collection. I really liked it. The continuing theme of lingerie and lace was cleverly mixed with parafernalia which came right out of a Raymond Chandler book: trench coats, croco bags, wavy hair... There will be a lot of lusciously desirable Dior pieces in the chicest stores worldwide next summer...

Lanvin was the other great show of the day. It was emotional, the guests cheered at the magnificently detailed garments and models were at their best. It started off with some classic Elbaz-style pieces, tailored and monochrome, to slowly evolve towards a fierce exhibition of embroideries, pleats and drapings whith a certain exotic yet ultrasophisticated feel. Outrageously elegant.

Isabel Marant is always one to have a great commercial success amongst "cool" young (and not so young) girls in capitals worldwide, and specially in Paris. Does this mean next season the rock chick that we have been seeing infinitely all around Paris will turn her back on rock and embrace that hideous concept (just writing it makes me shiver)... Boho chic? Marant and her team have been no doubt inspired by the growing popularity of starlets such as Sienna Miller and girls wanting to dress like her. Some of the pieces will sell like "petits pains", though: after all they are simple, practical and combine with everything.

Vivienne Westwood was as ecological as ever. Her models looked like Peter Pan's lost children, dressed in layerings of (very expensive) rags that are indeed suitable for living and camouflaging in the jungle and fighting for it not to disappear. It's going to be a tough battle, but Dame Viv believes in victory. Apart from liking the show, I was happy to see my friend from India, Smita, trotting down the catwalk. Smita you were great!

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