Friday, 9 October 2009

Top accessories from Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week is over. But its end is not synonym with holidays or even calm, but with post-fashion Week hysteria: shootings, showrooms, press releases...There's nothing but work, work and work and that is the reason why I have been neglecting the blog (working with the YSL buyers means an average of 12 hours a day of hard hard work at the YSL HQ; but I won't complain at all because the buffet is so good).
Anyway, I was going to talk about some of the accessories we have been seeing lately. Shoes of course are the first and the most important. I won't mention Alexander McQueen's in this post (I will of course do in another one soon) simply because common sense tells me that no one would actually wear them (then again my common sense might of course be very wrong: I have heard many of my friends say they would do anything to obtain those shoes). But talking about slightly more wearable and realistic ones, I have realised that wedges will be the big trend this summer. Givenchy's were the most coveted, but I also quite liked Dior's.

As to bags, they will be preferably silk... and printed. Dries Van Noten's were the most striking, perfect to complete a chic and casual look. Givenchy's were also amazing. Otherwise than that, we saw some bound-to-be-a-must bags at Dior, and they were actually beautiful! Would this mean the end of the kingdom of hideous bags?

Jewellwery will be big this summer. And chunky. But never bling bling. Short necklaces interact with necklines to create an exotic and sophisticated effect at Lanvin and an adventurous look at Dries. Bracelets will be exactly the same. I think this is by far my favourite trend...
Finally, sunglasses will stop attracting all the attention, being huge and having insanely huge logos on the sides. Wayfarer-like pieces are seen everywhere, as well as 30's-inspired shapes. And, yes, this model by Dries Van Noten was my favourite!

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