Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tell me where you go on holiday and I'll tell you how to make up for it.

Yes, I am already dreaming of sea breezes, sun rays and relaxation. Oh, the carelessness of holidays! However, I read an article the other day which stated that women spend more money in their holiday wardrobe than they actually do on the holiday itself... How can we be surprised that men think we are crazy? I was shocked to find that out; however, I am a woman myself and I understand that being on holiday is no excuse for not having any style. So I thought I'd make a little guide with some easy and relaxed hair and makeup styles to be ultra-chic during holidays, whatever your chosen vacation spot might be!


Saint-Tropez is synonym with Brigitte Bardot. It's sexy yet bourgeois. Prada's ponytails and pouting mouths are perfect for any femme-enfant. This look is super easy to acomplish, and it looks good on everyone.


I love a bit of dry heat and Sicilian drama during holidays, and so do Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. A strict foundation, a touch of burgundy matte lipstick and an apparently half-made chignon pinned-up with all the family heirlooms you can find (the older the better) and you'll be a Rossellini heroine.

The Hamptons

It's the favourite holiday spot for stylish New-Yorkers (ask Anna Wintour). Sporty, laid-back style is more than welcome. As good New-Yorkers, the Calvin Klein team have chosen the perfect look for it: a low ponytail fixed with gel mixed with water will give you a wet look. You can even wear it with no make up.


Before it became famous as a good place to start Soviet revolutions, Odessa was the most luxurious holiday spot in the Black Sea, where all chic Russian families used to go. Nowadays it has a sort of faded grandeur and it's a bit decadent... But what is a holiday without decadence? Marni's Gipsy-de-luxe look is simply perfect for it: chunky earrings and a foulard carelessly attached to your hair and you're ready to enjoy the sea.


Near Los Angeles is one of the loveliest beaches in California, ideal for tanning, swimming and having fun. Just remember to keep up with American tastes: wear wavy hair and soft lilac eyeshadows, like Versace's models, and you'll be the talk of the town.


"Why would anyone want to spend their holidays in Britain?" I know, I know; but Cornwall is a really lovely place and hey! Britain is chic in its different way. Nothing better than to get inspiration from Burberry and get a very natural look: straight hair and a very worked-up foundation. Beige tones combine really well with British light.


Elegant but not too dressy is the code for enjoying the Capri sea. Copy Bottega Veneta's style: an easy chignon with an Alice band will keep the hair out of your face when sailing. Purple lipstick will add the perfect touch of sophistication when it's Campari time.

Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is a tropical paradise. And you can make it still more heavenly if you dress up in Oscar de la Renta: an exotic line of eye-liner combined with braids and flashy colours and jewellery will turn you into a Frida Khalo-esque mirage.


Remember those weird plastic-stud Alice bands that were so in fashion when we were about 14 (and which we afterwards wondered how on earth we could have liked)? Well, Yves Saint Laurent has found the perfect use for them: just pile several of them up on a high chignon and combine that with a pristine make-up. Suddenly you're ready to enjoy the exoticism of Egypt!

Las Vegas

Of course none of us is tacky enough as to want to go to Vegas during the summer for real, but I know many people who spend the entire summer travelling through the States, and how would they miss the chance to see the most surreal city in the world? A bad-ass look is mandatory here. Gucci provides: clear, feminine make-up contrasting with an austere hairdo. Lots of gel and hairspray and casino dramas will not even affect you.


Personally I'm just looking forward to leaving Paris, but I admit it's a nice city to visit all year long. And Montmartre has all the faded charm and poetry of the late XIX century. These John Galliano looks might seem a bit excessive, but Paris is filled with fruitcakes and Montmartre especially, so you will only be regarded as a freak by tourists.


Yes, I mean the planet. I know it's not a common destination but Alexander McQueen's girls seem to love it!


  1. i'm not sure if i love more Palermo, Puerto Vallarta or Montmartre... i surrender to all 3 destinations... i wish i could do that amazing braid and have those hairpins -.- perfect!
    Thank you for this article, really loved it, as always***

  2. P.S. and cornwall has always been one of my fav spots ^^ even though some would find that strange :D

  3. what a brilliant post. i love how you express your thoughts, in words and pictures. and these wonderful photos made me want to go on a holiday even more- i want to go to croatia the most i think. been there before and loved it.
    hope youre having a nice week sweet

    xx ediot

  4. No sé con qué look quedarme... dudo entre el de Palermo, el de Odessa (siempre me han gustado los pañuelos en la cabeza, nunca he sabido cómo ponérmelos...) o el de Puerto Vallarta. Es que en el de Malibú hay algo de contradicción... las modelos son muy blancas (siempre he pensado que en Malibú todos son tanoréxicos y vigoréxicos y muchos -éxicos más!)
    Y de destino de vacaciones... estoy entre Capri, Saint Tropez, Palermo o Cornwall. Aunque no me quejo con Santander :)

    ¡¡Un besito!!

  5. i say yes to all of these!


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