Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Maybe it wasn't a bad thing that you weren't born Barbie.

What is wrong with the world?
We call ourselves civilized, modern, egalitarian... Western society thinks of itself as the coolest, most amazing thing to ever have happened to this planet. We are "it"... or are we? I constantly get confusing messages on the media: one moment we live in a feminist society, where women are supposed to have more power than ever and be more free than ever. The minute after, I get bombarded by images of Barbie-like women with inflatable breasts whose biggest accomplishment in life is to have married tacky footballers. Why does Madonna look younger than my teenage cousins? Why does Nicole Kidman look like something that belongs in Madame Tussaud's? Why do edgy models receive such ferocious criticism for being thin and having weird faces? It is not easy to be a young woman these days being surrounded by things like these. We are told we are lucky to live in a world where we are allowed to be whatever we want to be, but facts show us we'll be better off if we are not too clever and don't stand out too much.
The funny thing is we think we are so audacious and groundbreaking when it comes to femininity. But I've seen mainstream films from the 1920's in which lesbians are freely portrayed and films from the 1930's in which a lady had a simultaneous relationship with two men. Nowadays you can of course think of a man having a relationship with two women... James Bond. A woman doing the same would be a tramp. Some decades ago, a sixty-something Marlene Dietrich was not afraid to show her fantastic sixty-something legs, and decaying-looking Joan Crawford and Bette Davies still were the stars of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Today all we have is a lot of plastic-looking forty-something girls. Being mature is not tasteful anymore. Showing to the world that you have lived is a slap in the face of plastic surgeons. Luckily, some personalities still resist: I'm thinking of Diane Keaton, the wonderful Meryl Streep and one of my favourite women ever... Anjelica Huston.

Ever since she was a young model in the 70's, Anjelica was not afraid of being different (take a look at these pictures... Don't you think Irina Lazareanu is desperately trying to be Miss Huston? I guess it's a good choice though). Her strange features and proportions only make her more special. But the most amazing thing about her is she seems to get more and more magnificent as years go by.
I wonder what incites some women to have such a panic of wrinkles, and why some women reaching their maturity spend fortunes and do all sorts of crazy things for the sake of looking like they were 20. I honestly think by doing that they are sacrificing personality, strenght, style and self-assurance... things that come to a woman only with time and which, in my opinion, are so much more important and charming. I know many girls will never agree with me, but for me it's enough to have a reference like Anjelica Huston.


  1. oh, i just LOVED this post, and even more writen by you, a young women in the fashion industry! It's not easy at all to be a young lady these days and it's getting ridiculous!! I totally agree with all your words and a believe all those "age" signs only give an interesting "pàtine" to a lady, showing the maturity never should be a shame, should be an honnor. And some ladies should be proud to get to their 40's and look like that, and that doesn't mean they have to look old. Being old is a state of spirit and many of my role models are gorgeous woman i see everyday, with real faces, looking younger than ever without any plastic surgery, just by having other mentality* Thank you for expressing this :)

  2. But then again, I've seen films from the 20's that ended with the lines

    "so what did you learn about real women, Polly?"
    "That they have babies, not singing careers"

  3. Interesting and great to know.
    Best wishes From Germany,

  4. I've been following your blog for some time, but never commented... I just wanted to say that I find your perspective on fashion and style to be really refreshing and creative.
    I love your insight on Anjelica Huston. She always did have a striking presence and unique look. Thanks for yet again another beautiful post! <3

  5. Interesting and insightful post... I agree, we do not have enough women like Angelica Huston and Meryl Streep who have actually allowed themselves to age - and look all the more beautiful because of it.

    I haven't been on my blog much lately, but I've been trying to get bback in the swing of things. I'll definitely be following!


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