Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Remembering The Face

I'm back in Paris today. Which means I have changed sun, swimming pools and gardens for rain, more rain and... yet more rain. Thinking of paradise lost, I found myself reminiscing about The Face magazine. As a teenager, and once I passed my inevitable Vogue America phase, I grew up with Dazed, I-D and The Face. The first two are the only magazines I buy every single month (apart from The World of Interiors, the edgy Condé Nast design and architecture magazine, to which I'm also totally addicted), and I would still be just as faithful to The Face if it hadn't stopped being published back in 2004. Everything has been said about the magazine: it was modern, it was edgy, it was pop, it was really innovative in its shape and its content. I would like to do something as unique as this... Until then I'll just study and decipher every single Face cover.


  1. i didnt even know about it. but i love many of these covers. esp that first.
    hope youre having a wonderful week

    xx ediot

  2. wow, i never saw that magazine (shame on me) but it's really edgy as you said* so cool!

  3. I love your tribute to The Face...I've actually never seen this magazine, but it looks amazing! I just saw your 'film obsession of the moment' and had to say i love it too! It's one I can watch over and over again =)

    Hope all is well with you!! Happy June!

  4. I have a number of those late 1990s issues, having become a subscriber from that time until near the very end

    It came to mean rather a great deal to me; it connected me to cultures and subcultures that have become a basal element of my off-the-wall knowledge, publicised a great many interesting fancies and the writing was usually suffused with a trenchant attitude

    Nothing has successfully taken its place since

    Good post,


  5. J'aimerais vraiment en retrouver, je suis juste un peu trop jeune pour l'avoir vécu... là je viens de m'acheter des caisses de magazines aux puces, beaucoup des années 90 / début 2000 (les premiers anOther entre autre, et puis i-D et des beaux Vogue Italia...) mais c'est vrai que The Face y manquait... scans anyone? ;D
    Merci pour ces couvertures en tout cas, elles m'ont mis de bonne humeur !


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