Friday, 11 June 2010

Who are you...?

Some of you have been asking me where does my (relatively) new header come from... Well, here you have the original scene from William Klein's film Who are you Polly Maggoo? starring Dorothy McGowan. I have already spoken about the film on the blog. It analyzes the fashion system in the 60's in a bit of a "dada" style. It is rare, fun and stylish, and brings up subjects and controversies that, unbelievably, people still talk about nowadays. Watch it, and then tell me your opinions!


  1. thanks for sharing. im gonna check that out in the near future. it looks very pop-ish and inspiring.wish you a great weekend
    take care darling

    xx ediot

  2. Thanks for mentioning that amazing film again. I believe it's a paradigmatic movie in the cinema history :)

  3. Il faut toujours que j'aille le voir!
    p.s.: je me réjouis de voir ce shoot au cimetière, parce que Poe story + corbeaux à la Dario Argento = me likes !!!


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