Monday, 21 June 2010

Like music to my ears

Today is the glorious day I've been praying for during the last 8 months. It's summer! I am definitely not a cold weather person. As a proud Spaniard, I enjoy toasting in the sun with a fan and some gazpacho next to me. Incredibly clichéd, I know, but true nonetheless.
But the big celebration in France today is the "Fête de la Musique". As I write this, I am listening to the loud noisy mess provoked by three different bands playing simultaneously in my street. The sound of their music reminds me rather of the traditional parties that were held in August in a village in deep Spain where my grandfather used to have a house (the kind of place surrounded by desert with wolves and scorpions and so on). But if I look out the window, I see boys wearing Vespa helmets and girls wearing Chanel bags. It's incredible how literally anything can get glamoured-up in Paris.
So I'd rather celebrate music in the intimacy of just my friends. Here are a couple of videos by some of my all-time favourite artists. Happy summer!

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  1. Ola preciosa*
    Your post was so positive i just had to smile :)
    I've never been in Paris ( -.- ) but one day i wish i could see and feel all those things you're describing. About Spain, i must say i love your coutry, contrary on so many portuguese who just have that kind of pride hate with spain, i think thats stupid because we DO have a lot of cultural similarities and tastes. I really like spain and spanish people i've met (although i've never visited more than Badajoz, Huelva, Sevilla and the Galiza) anyway, it's wonderful and i understant why you love the sun ^^ i must admit the heat makes me very uncomfortable (i think i should have born in england or northern europe) but i love the seaside, the smell of the streets with the late evenings... you know*
    And thanks for the great songs :) always a joy to hear those iconic songs and artists*


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