Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Introducing Model Citizens: Luisa Bronzo

I ofter wonder what is it about the fashion industry that fascinates people so much. Most of my life is spent around people who work in the industry in one way or another, and whenever I am with people who don't work in fashion I find myself bombarded with tons of questions like "why are haute couture clothes so loony?", "why are fashion designers so loony?" or "why are fashion magazines so weird?". But about 80% of all the questions I'm asked are about models: do they ever eat, are they vain, are they silly, are they really pretty without Photoshop, are they easy-going... I think I sound like an old record when I hear myself giving always the same answers which, to be honest, sound very silly on my lips (especially when I'm dressed and made-up in a loony fashion myself). Anyway, I do understand people's fascination with models, after all, yeah, they're amazing, great, pretty and otherworldly. So I have deicided to start a new project on this blog, in which I'll be interviewing some of my friend models, girls I regularly work with or that I've met at shots. The girls will speak for themselves here.
So meet my first model: Luisa is a cheerful, sparkly girl who often works for YSL. I love her Brazilian accent, her long straight hair and her beautiful energy. She makes me laugh. But Luisa is also a fabulous model...
Where are you from?
I'm from Brazil, Nova Friburgo city, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
How long have you been modeling for?
I've been modeling for 4 years, but when I started I was at school, so I didn't have much time to dedicate my whole attention to this career. After school, in 2009, I started modeling full-time.
Which have been the highlights in your career so far? Any funny anecdotes you can tell us?
The most important jobs I've made were Elle and GQ magazines, and a Chanel show. I once was shooting whilst wearing a pair of roller-skates and I fell down and hit my head on the floor!
How would you define your style?
I define my style as simple and comfortable, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a short dress with some accessories are cool for me.
What's the best way to keep beautiful?
I take good care of my face and my hair in special, because in every job I do I have to use lots of makeup and the hairstyle is always different. So every night I wash my face with good soaps and put the products my dermatologist prescribed for me. For my hair I use a moisturizing mask.

What do you most like about being a model?
The best part of modeling is traveling a lot, and having the opportunity to know many different places and cultures around the world.
What do you dislike?
Being far away from the persons I love, my family and friends.
Can you give us any makeup tips?
I always prefer to use good quality makeup, like Mac blush and a Dior mascara. I used to have allergy because of some foundations I had to wear at work, so now I'm using Armani foundation which I consider really natural and doesn't cause any allergies.
What is your favourite food?
I love Japanese food, but I also like a dish called bife a cavalo which is very famous in Brazil, that combines rice, beans, meat and eggs, tastes really good.


  1. Tienes toda la razon! a mi tambien me pasa! jejejeej es muy interesante quela gente sepa que muchasmodelos son maravillosas pero quetambiƩn son chicas normales.



  2. Such a gorgeous, exotic looking girl! Great new blog feature, this was a very interesting read.

  3. Great new feature - isn't she just stunning? I don't suppose us mere mortals can aspire to have legs like that!

  4. I darling!Sorry, it's been a long time... I love this new look of you blog :)
    Also this article was very interesting!

  5. I'm so excited for your new blog feature of interviewing your industry friends!

    Luisa is beautiful and love your thoughtful questions =)

  6. This is a great idea, especially with your fantastic access. Luisa is just gorgeous (duh!) and I like hearing what models have to say, I think we're all curious what's happening behind the pretty face.

    I'll be in Paris for haute couture week - we must meet up! xx

  7. such a great read,
    prettyneons x

  8. wow shes beautiful! great interview

  9. Lovely interview and girl! Interesting that she uses cosmetics described by her dermatologist.

  10. She's beautiful, and lovely interview!

    Thanks for your comment! ♥


  11. Ooh Baby Face at Edition 24 <3

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