Monday, 26 April 2010


My summer wardrobe is lacking something very important: a good pair of fashionable sunglasses. For some mysterious reason sunglass trends change dramatically every year, and what you so proudly wore last year is bound to get you some not-very-kind comments on the gayest areas of the city. For some even more mysterious reason I happen to live in an area of Paris which is invaded by chic optical boutiques. So lately I've been looking for the perfect pair in each one of them with not much success: there is too much choice to be able to distiguish and I don't want to risk picking a pair and then seeing a better one in the shop which is 5 metres away. Finally I desperately decided to turn to la crème de la crème de la super crème of the sunglasses and I visited Linda Farrow's online shop. And the first thing I saw on the site was this:
GaGatastic, aren't they? These sunglasses were made by Linda Farrow in collaboration with Jeremy Scott and they are a Gaga classic: she wore them in Paparazzi with the sole purpose of killing her boyfriend...
...And a while after she lent them to Beyoncé, who had the intention of killing her own boyfriend in Telephone. The conclusion is an easy one: killer sunglasses! And yeah, you can still buy them on Linda Farrow's website.
But we all know these are not the only glasses Gaga has been seen wearing. She actually seems to be addicted to sunglasses of every style, colour and shape. You name it, she's worn it: aviators, oversized sunglasses, black sunglasses, pink sunglasses, Alexander Wang (also by Linda Farrow) sunglasses, aerodynamic sunglasses, cigarette butt-covered sunglasses... But there is one particular trend which probably wouldn't be so "en vogue" right now if it wasn't for her: round, 1930's-inspired sunglasses. Before Gaga, if you were spotted wearing one of those pairs of glasses, the best remark people could do was something like "are you a hippy, or trying to emulate John Lennon or something?" (the worst being simply "Freaaaak!"). But now, thank God and thank Gaga, they are considered glamurous and contemporary.

But where did Gaga draw her inspiration from? 1930's Hollywood divas, who else? for instance:
Joan Crawford.
Jean Harlow.
Marlene Dietrich.
I thought I had finally found mine when I saw these Dries van Noten by Farrow, but they are not on sale anymore!
However, this season's ones, even if they are not round, are to die for as well. So glamourous yet so exotic.

And speaking of exotic sunglasses, you won't find any funnier, cuter, lovelier glasses than these House of Holland by Linda Farrow ones. They can spice up any look and they are not expensive. Perfect if you want to make a difference this summer!
All in all, I must confess I still haven't quite decided which sunglasses to choose... But Linda Farrow's ones are certainly an option: they are original, chic, one-of-a kind sunglasses that last for a lifetime!


  1. I gave up on finding trendy sunglasses a few years ago. I know the aviator shape suits my face, and none of the trendy choices of the past seasons have looked right so far, so aviators it is.

    The Gaga "killer" sunglasses are indeed really interesting, but I like the DvN pair you posted from the current collection best. The House of Holland by Linda Farrow pairs would probably be great mood-lifters; I love looking at the world through coloured glass!

  2. Has cambiado la cabezera. Esta está bien, pero la otra me encantaba.
    Yo soy muy de gafas, las uso mucho y eso que aquí, sol poco.
    Un beso

  3. I LOVE your sunglasses inspiration...such a great way to add so much character to an outfit =) Let us know what type of shades you end up getting. I love the Dries van Noten by Farrow pair as well! Maybe they'll get more in to sell!

  4. Oh wow, all of these are amazing!

  5. Hello's I can't enough of silly shades! I bought another pair today from a charity shop,heart shaped when I put them on I just want to chew pink bubblegum,and skip...yes they have a odd effect on me.
    I really like these ones you've found ;)

    peace & bows
    prettyneons X

  6. Bizzarrement j'adore les vertes, tiens...
    en plus ça t'irait vraiment bien, je me réjouis de voir ton choix !
    (c'est assez pathétique, j'ai plus d'inspiration pour écrire des commentaires en français qu'en anglais!!)

  7. you and her are so beautiful!


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