Friday, 7 May 2010

A Hard Day's Night

Or should I say "a hard week's night"? I haven't forgot I have a blog, but I have had so much work during the last week I have hardly set foot at home...
Anyway, I miss blogging actually, so I've decided I'm gonna try and be more constant. And, after watching this video, I have also decided I have to start a diet so I can weigh 30 kilos like 60's models... They all look so divine, especially Peggy Moffitt (she's always been one of my favourite all-time models, I think she's far more exotic and personal than Twiggy).
I have this theory about the 60's: I think people who lived in the 60's had everything a person could wish for... the best rock and pop bands in history, the coolest art, the looniest fashions and beauty products (check out on 60's hairdryers). And with this video featuring Rudi Gernreich's clothes I have realized they even had their own 60's version of SHOWstudio. As I say, everything one could wish for.


  1. I hope you can get some you time soon! x

  2. J'ai la même théorie, mais malheureusement c'est encore pire quand t'es née dans les années 90 et que t'as raté tes chères années 80 !
    En tout cas évites quand même le régime, malgré la beauté de l'inspiration !! :)
    J'espère que les comms remarchent au passage... bon week-end !

  3. Its been a hrad days night and Ive been working as a I love that song
    and yeah thats very samrt which is another reason why the 60s were the best decade in the 20th century

  4. AH yes the sixties- wouldve loved to live then---i love edie the most out of the 60s girls- especially her style sense and beauty
    ..hope you had an wonderful weekend even if its been heaps to do.
    take care
    what are you working with?
    xx ediot

  5. i cant help but agree with the theory you have regarding people in the 60's. the music has got to be my favorite aspect of it. :)




  6. A great ode to an amazing decade...=)

  7. Hi darling* missed to read your blog* I'm also having so much work lately, and soo much pressure to do it.. Anyway. stopped by for a while and i have to agree with your opinion about the 60's ^^ they surelly rocked :)
    Good luck with all you work**


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