Sunday, 18 April 2010

Get into a taxi and go to Tiffany's

I was sunbathing in my balcony when I remembered this scene. I love Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's... But I must confess I don't like the movie at all! (except for Hubert de Givenchy's wardrobe of course). I think Blake Edwards's film completely misses the point and turns the mysterious beauty of the book into something obvious and naïve. And as much as I adore Audrey Hepburn, I think the same as Capote himself: she was wrong for the part. Holly Golightly is meant to be wilder and less aristocratic (I mean who could believe Audrey comes from a family of hobos in the deep South?). I simply can't stand George Peppard, who is supposed to play Capote except he's not gay at all. He is even pictured as a gigolo! Oh well. Luckily in the middle of all that there is Moon River; I love that song. It's kind of kitsch but it's Henry Mancini kitsch... And I love Audrey's way of singing it.
Did everyone have a nice weekend?


  1. It's true that when I read the book first I understood how the movie was totally out of place... I used to love it so much (the movie), seeing the opening credits always cheered me up... but now I agree with your opinion, the happy end is so cheesy, and everything is just false.... so now I reread the book instead !!
    It's much like the Fantasia version of 'The steadfast tin soldier', it's crazy how changing an end makes a disaster sometimes !!

    Have a nice w-e !! ;D

  2. i agree it's nothing like the book but i still love it visually - the colours and of course audrey's pretty pretty face. i saw the show with anna friel as holly and i kind of liked it, but i think friel is wrong for the part too actually.

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  4. ¡¡que pena que suene el timbre!!!
    Me encanta ella, su elegancia, el está como un tren y la canción me fascina.
    Bonita película.
    Un beso y que tengas una buena semana.

  5. hi love! ah come come here! i would love to show you around.
    the view of the ocean is amazing. it is.. and evenings when it gets warm at night grilling and drinking by the ocean is so amazing. also sunbathing is of course obligatory at daytime... but it takes about an hour to travel towards the ocean. with public transport-but its definitely worth it.

    i couldnt watch the video. - because i need to see the whole movie first. i need to see it soon. otherwise id fall for the temptation of this clip. :)
    hope you had an wonderful weekend

    xx ediot

  6. Me too! I don't like the movie at all!

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  10. I love this song, I have a Frank Sinatra version I listen to almost every night before I fall asleep.


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