Monday, 12 April 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

It seems so long now! But it was actually only several months ago that we shot this fashion series featuring haute couture Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton and Spanish designer Josep Font among others.
It was a bright, typically Parisian September day when Sophie stormed into the studio carrying several suitcases filled with some of the most covetable clothes and jewels of the season. I helped her organise the looks. Our girl was being made-up, Pierre was preparing the set and there was coffee and croissants à go-go. Ahhh fashion memories... It's always so much fun shooting with this team!

Photography Pierre Dal Corso
Styling Sophie Clauzel
Hair Franck Nemoz for Bumble & Bumble
Makeup Eva Mbaye @ B4 Agency
Nails Kamel @ B4 Agency
Pierre's assistants David Michels & Djamel Boucly


  1. hello love!
    im good thank bout you?
    did you work on this shoot? as an styling assistant?
    it looks amazing.
    hope youve had an wonderful weekend.
    im glad youre back to blogging more often ;)
    take care

    xx ediot

  2. Beautiful photos, the hazed colour is amazing.

  3. How fantastic! Fun, no doubt! Absolutely stunning shots. And no croissant crumbs in sight! xx

  4. Amazing and intense photos. I loved loved this work!! Well done!!The photo treatment is incredible, the colours and contrasts, the posing, they look like sculptures* Perfect

  5. It sounds amazing, and the pictures are great, too.

  6. lovely pics!
    the first is amazing! ^^

  7. Wonderful editorial and amazing styling! I really love those masks. Sounds like you had a great experience!

  8. Gracias por pasarte
    Las fotos son geniales :)
    Besitos desde


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