Friday, 16 April 2010

Love Makes the World go Round

They say true love always finds you when you least expect it: in my case it happened yesterday where I least expected it: Jean-paul Gaultier's headquarters. If you've been following my blog for a bit you certainly know my confused feelings towards Gaultier - sometimes unbelievable genius, sometimes just banal - but yesterday I had the opportunity of viewing his complete A/W 2010 collection and I was simply impressed by every piece! Great finishings, to-die-for fabrics and lovely shapes, flattering for every women. But the True Love moment came when I saw this cape/coat:

Sorry about the not-so great pictures (iPhone and euphoria are responsible). In any case, I guess you can understand my excitement? A silk Manila shawl sewn together with suede and renard! It simply looked otherworldly, a mix between exotic Poiret, Spanish passion and Russian extravaganza! And the great thing is I could picture myself wearing it, but I could also imagine "Maman" in it (my mum has great style, all rich colours and a touch of eccentricity). Conclusion? A truly elegant and timeless piece that looks this good when worn:
In a time when "luxury" means ripped-up jeans that cost 2000 euros, waiting lists of more than 5 years or whatever a certain "fashion icon" called Victoria Beckham might be wearing (for instance ripped-up jeans that cost 2000 euros), Gaultier has delivered a collection that is truly inspiring and truly luxurious. Chapeau!


  1. wooooooooooooooooooooooo maravillosooo! una obra de arte! <3

  2. Me gusta el estampado, pero me dá calor.
    Un beso

  3. Oh god I agree about that piece, even if just like you I have mixed (if not negative) feelings about gaultier.... thanks for the (re)discovery !
    And thank you so much for your compliments, I don't remember if I already said that but it really means a LOT to know that you appreciate my articles !

  4. Oh, wow. Wow wow wow. I wholeheartedly agree. THIS is true fashion. These creations of skill, love and imagination are what will save our fashion from becoming a complete and utter fraud - we just need much more of them!

    Denise ♥

  5. oh my goodness, it is so beautiful! are you going to buy it? i can see myself wearing it too!
    xox alison

  6. El colorido es impresionante!

  7. i love the coat it looks so soft :3

    thanks for visiting ^^


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