Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter

This scene from the film Roma by Federico Fellini is no doubt one of the most impressive I've ever seen.
I'm back in Paris and Easter doesn't seem like a big deal at all here, especially compared to what it means in other Mediterranean countries like Italy or Spain (even my bank manager called me up today to sell me some health insurance or something... I am not a particularly religious person, but, come on, today we are supposed to celebrate the Last Supper!). I won't go into the deep aspect of the matter, but I've always been fascinated by the aesthetics of the Catholic church, which are at their most splendid during this week... Actually the idea of a Catholic fashion show doesn't seem such a crazy one. In any case no one could ever have represented it like Fellini.
So how do you celebrate Easter?


  1. hi darling im going to my boyfriend parents house this easter.- staying for a little more than a week i guess- seeing his grandparents and his friends- its almost like my own family and friends since we've been together for almost 6 years.'
    what are your easter-plans? thanks for sharing the video- i enjoyed it.
    happy easter darling.
    xx ediot

  2. we're not celebrating as such this year, as my brother's 21st birthday falls on Easter day...not that we ever do much, just a family get together and meal. Have a good one x

  3. Have a great Easter weekend, Marta!

    My family isn't Catholic, but we still get together on Easter with a giant potluck followed by an egg hunt for the kids =)

  4. Agree on the aesthetics, too bad there is everything else ! This segment by Fellini must be one of my favorite cinema moments of all time... plus it is (sadly?) so true.

    But anyway, happy easter from a (recent) anticatholic !

  5. I hope you had a lovely Easter! It's great playing Easter bunny and I'm already lamenting the day when my daughter is too old to believe in it, which could be soon considering how implausible the whole concept is!

    Thanks for that amazing clip. Growing up in Canada I always found Fellini's films to be something from another world, the feel of his scenes are so removed from what I knew.

    I can post comments on blogger now, if I re-try about half a dozen times! xx

  6. Hi dear ^^ I understand perfectly what you're talking about. As a portuguese, Easter is such an important cultural celebration.. And about the Christian aesthetics, well..thats the subject of my thesis, so how could i escape from that :)
    My Easter this year was spent away from home for the first time. Me and my sweetheart went to the interior of the country and visited some traditional villages where Easter has a higher importance.It was fascinating experience* Hope you had a great weekend**

  7. Mine was great!!!

    come ti visit my new site

    * *

    xoxo Iole

  8. Where is your post about Femmes fatales gone? ;D
    It looked so good !

  9. hi sweetie. & where did the newest post go?

  10. ah hahahaha sorry sorry! I published it by mistake when it wasn't still finished. Working on it right now, it will be up today!
    Thanks darlings xxxxxx


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