Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Brilliant Brunette

Could Kate have gone back to her original hair colour? No, as a matter of fact this is a wig by Kate's fetish hairdresser James Brown. Kate posed in it today during the "100 Portraits" shoot by Nick Knight at Somerset House. This is a special project created by I-D to celebrate its 300th issue. Miss Moss was probably the most expected sitter, and when I saw her pose, I fully understood why Kate is Kate: she works like no-one, really fast and experimenting with all the possibilities at hand, not needing anyone to give her directions. Here are some of the pictures from today, but you will have to wait for the 300 issue of I-D to take a look at the definitive photos. If you haven't been watching the shoots on the SHOWstudio Livestream, you still have a chance until the 20th. I do recommend it, it's seriously amazing seeing some of the best fashion professionals in the world at work.


  1. I have this ambiguous vision about Kate.Sometimes i believe she is perfect, and others i just can't figure it out. I gess that's because of her wonderfull versatility and proves how a good professional she is as a model/performer.
    For instance, That last perfume publicity in Paris, it's not one of my favorites in terms of showing the real Paris, but she actually does her job perfectly in the film, with an extreme sensuality^^

  2. she rocks even with dark hair!!!

  3. Lo que haría yo con la Moss, en fotografía se entiende,jajaja

  4. i like the cut. but not on her so much. the colour doesn't suit her either. glad it was just a wig. hope youre having an great weekend. take care xxx

  5. Ah I keep forgetting about the stream, Kate looks great! Though I think lighter suits her better.


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