Sunday, 27 December 2009

Are you ready for 2010?

Why I certainly am not! I haven't thought about what I will wear in new year's eve at all, but I do have a clue: velvet is "so hot right now", it's warm and wintery (not that I need anything warm and wintery really, I'm wearing a vest today...It's so hot here!), it's glamourous and chic. The best two velvet numbers on the catwalk this winter are, in my opinion, these two by Sonia Rykiel and Chloé. They are perfect if you are planning a cosy, small NYE party, as I am planning (I have to admit I HATE going out on NYE: everybody is wasted, everything is so expensive and anywhere you turn your head you see girls dressed so badly- not to mention boys).

Christian Dior
Another lovely trend for cosy evenings could be the bohemian, slightly hippyish, floaty dress. It's so 70's (70's are so hot right now) and I can guarantee you no-one will be wearing a similar dress.
Sophia Kokosalaki
But if you are one of those practical girls (whom I feel so jealous of, because all of my outfits are so dashed uncomfortable), the clothes to wear are a pair of comfortable (best if masculine-inspired) trousers. You can for instance wear velvet trousers, and mix them with a metallic or embroidered cropped jacket and metallic shoes.
Burberry Prorsum
A little cocktail dress like this Burberry one is lovely too, if you go for understated elegance.

Giambattista Valli
Now, if your evening plans are the opposite of cosy, if you are invited to a formal party or a ball or something like that, this is the moment to dress extravagant, play with excess and wear all the things that would make you look silly in any other circumstance. This Giambattista Valli dress is quite classic but oh-so flattering, I would no doubt go for it!
Little cocktail dresses (again, made out of velvet, cause it's so hot right now) can have luxurious details: strass, metal appliqués...everything that shines is good.
Or you can twist your outfit a little bit and go for another 70's trend: the catsuit. If it's satin and as gloriously cut as this Lanvin one you will be the belle of the ball.
You can always get inspired by cocktail dresses, and just sophisticate them up a bit more. I really like this Erdem number, I find it kind of Audrey Hepburn-esque.

If you are one of those girls who are planning to dance the night away I would recommend a comfortable outfit (you don't want to step on your dress all night long), and something original. Shiny miniskirts like this Rodarte one are chic and they have the perfect Disco Diva hint. If I was the "NYE going out" kind I would kill for it. Rodarte is so hot right now.
Why not try a different kind of catsuit? The graphic, printed, bodycon one can be a very original and sexy option. This Chanel is so cool, but, frankly, you can find really nice ones also in American Apparel.
Feather skirts are this season. I have seen the loveliest powder pink ostrich ones in Topshop, and you can combine them just with tights or leggings and a simple cotton T-shirt. The skirt will glamour the whole look up.
Louis Vuitton
A short draped dress in a sorbet colour is both feminine and rock & roll. It can look amazing on the dancefloor.
I suppose most of you are more organised than me and have already thought of your NYE outfit, but if you are as chaotic as I am and are going nuts about your look, don't worry. We will all end up finding the perfect clothes to look fabulous! Now I have to leg it, I have another family lunch... I'm yearning for the next few days when everything will be calm and I will be able to enjoy simply the company of my dog...


  1. First of all, thanks for your lovely comment! I must say i Loved the Burberry cocktail dress, it's really my kind of dress and i absolutely fell in love with it, but i also liked the Giambatista Valli gown.
    I bet you'll look adorable in any kind of New Year's Eve party you attend to. For me, i shall just stay home, having a romantic dinner, seeing a movie, and relaxing. I prefer parties in some other time because for now i just want to start over with a new perspective, and i rather want a quiet evening with who i love.
    I hope you have the NYE you want to, and i wish you all the best for that night and for the next year*
    And just for curiosity i'm going to share with you that my real name is also Marta ^^


  2. Glad to see you had a lovely Christmas with family! My oh my, these are some jaw-dropping NYE personal favorite would have to be the Rodarte green mini =) I don't have set plans yet, but with a skirt like that the plans will have to work around the outfit.

  3. ahhh so many great things coming up, i can hardly wait! espesh loving the chanel there--perfect:)

    glad to hear you had a great xmas as well:):)

    xx raez

  4. it's nice to see blogs that still have something to say and are not just filled with constant image reposting! you commented on my own (terribly neglected) blog about my last collection, and i just thought i'd stop by to see how everything is with you. add me on facebook (how typical!: or send me an email ( we're currently working on our fall '10 collection and i always love to hear from people who are interested in our work.

  5. Totally get into velvet for 2010. It's so warm and looks soooooooo good.

    Love Jojo

  6. Oh sweet eye candy!!! I haven't really thought about my New Year's outfit yet, but I'm really excited about getting dressy this year. And yes, velvet is definitely on my list of trends for the new year. In fact, I'm wearing velvet leggings as I type :)


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