Saturday, 26 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

Christmas is over now... So how were these last few days for all of you? Did you have fun? Lovely presents? I'm really quite happy with my Christmas;I had decadent things to eat (poularde farcie is my favourite dish, and it makes me think of XVII century France, you know, Molière and all that), met up with all my family (it's a very typical Spanish family: they are loads of people and they are all very loud. But it was so much Mediterranean fun!) and got the cutest and most unexpected presents (among them I got beautiful bracelets brought over from Poland, daring makeup, a grosgrain clutch from a Spanish designer, a fur collar and... a Tom Waits live DVD! That was my favourite by far). Now things are starting to calm down so in the next days I'll be able to rest and concentrate on New Year's eve!

p.s: did all my English readers have a nice Boxing Day?


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful christmas!

  2. fantastic blog!! love it!!! and love this picture's post :)))

    we hope you'll visit our blog! :))


  3. sounds like you got some gorgeous gifts!

  4. Hey dear!
    IMm glad you had a terrific christmas!
    I got lots of clothes which was what I asked for haha...

  5. ´Hi^^ Sorry but i ignored my computer the last few days! I'm glad to hear about your Christmas! Mine was as usual with the codfish, and i recieved the shoes and boots i needed. Now i've been thinking about my New Years list*
    Hope you're relaxing these days and having fun in this holiday epoque*

  6. I stayed at home on boxing day.. recovering from christmas! looking forward to new years eve though :) hope you had a lovely christmas xoxo

  7. Your Christmas sounds so lovely and fun, I love a Christmas with a big family who's fully into it! Mine was nice with my family here from Canada. Much quieter than if we were at home but it was great to host our first Christmas and not have to travel for once!

    I would love to see your gifts! ♥

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