Monday, 14 December 2009

ice cream topped with honey

I'm officially coming out of the closet here: yes, I've given in to the Lady Gaga crazyness. Yes, I'm completely fascinated by her. I have very mixed feelings about her, but I actually think that makes her only more amazing. Yes, she sometimes looks like a transvestite and yes, she can be so vulgar, and no, she never wears anything to cover her legs, but... She is fabulous! I think she is showing great intelligence by teaming up with some of the best professionals in the fashion industry, all quirky and avant-garde (Niccola Formichetti, Hedi Slimane, Alexander McQueen), because that is placing her way above all the other pop stars in the international panorama. So...Sorry, Madonna, you're no longer the queen bee.
But what I really wanted to talk about here is what has been obsessing me for the last two weeks: Lady Gaga's red lipstick in the video for "Beautiful, dirty, rich". I mean the light red. I'm a faithful dark-red user, but I hardly use light lip colours. Since I saw this video I've been thinking of that geranium-like red, and last week I came accross it in London.

You guessed, it is Yves Saint Laurent (definitely one of my favourite make up brands). It's a Rouge Pur, and the exact colour is 150- Rouge Sublime. And sublime it is all right! Even if I did not buy it then and there (Selfridges on a saturday evening before Christmas? Just remembering it makes me shiver. The only reason for us to be there is we were desperately looking for a coat for Ed), I've had it on my mind ever since and the minute I have the time to go to the Bon Marché the lipstick will be mine. And I can positively say that it's the only lipstick I'll be wearing during Christmas!
Thanks for the inspiration Lady Gaga...


  1. I agree, she's totally mad but fiercely watchable. I hope she can keep it up. Can't believe she is supposedly one year older than me!

  2. I think we share the same brain on this! That's exactly how I feel about her, mixed feelings and all. When I first heard of her I thought she was a Euro-pop spectacle because of her look and her sound. I tend to turn my back on anyone who screams for our attention and that's what I did - I didn't like her music at first, either. But she's definitely one to creep into your consciousness and you're right - she's brilliant at aligning herself with fashion's best and playing that up in a way no one else has, and it's very timely. I don't seek her out (yet) but when she's 'around' I pay attention.

    And I have to say I've been loving her nose - that it's natural and strong and she stands out from all of the perfect-profiled pop princesses out there. Bo-ring!

    Glad you found your lipstick!

    Denise ♥

  3. oh i am so jealous of anyone who can wear deep red lipstick. i just looks silly on me, but i love it!

  4. I actually agree, at least it's interesting to look at her outfits... a little bit of too much in a boring commercial market isn't bad !

  5. it took time for me to admit she's stunning and all...
    But i think her first songs were so crappy !
    Now i love her.

  6. i can't STANNNNDDDD her music, but i love what she wears... can stand looking at her pictures, but 30 seconds in the video i couldn't take it anymore, even though i love the red jacket the lyrics...arrghhh dreadful!


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