Saturday, 6 March 2010

Glamourous nuns with inner discipline

So sorry about the lack of posts lately. After receiving very sad news from back home in Spain I decided to take it easy for a bit and just enjoy the company of my family and friends who rallied round. They were absolutely lovely and gave me back my strenght... I am so thankful!
Anyway, it's been an eventful Fashion Week, and a very interesting one, with one leading trend: a sort of warrior sobriety; austere, pure, minimal lines or, as Rick Owens put it, "glamourous nuns with inner discipline". Let's see...

The week started on tuesday afternoon when I met Charles, Vanni and Maxime at Palais Royal for the Anthony Vaccarello presentation. Unlike in his previous collection, there were no bodysuits. Just black easy-to-wear clothes with architectural details. No excesses, only the necessary glimpses of geometric silver jewellery.
After the Nicolas Andreas Taralis show was over (one of this season's newcomers, whose style before used to be much more urban), many people said it was "very Rick Owens" and maybe a bit of a clichéd concept of modernity. However...
I loved these hairdos. Absolutely have to try this, it's easy as pie to do it and so strong and stylish!

Squeezed together at Tim Van Steenbergen, we discovered his girls were not only nuns: they also wore teacher-like glasses and stylings. Strict chic was the thing. It was actually quite cool.

After I almost fainted at Peachoo & Krejberg when Saint Jefferson Hack sitted next to me (believe me, I'm normally not starstruck, but I enormously admire Jefferson's work and would really like to accomplish something as interesting as him professionally), I was thrilled to discover the designers had mixed straight, minimal lines with precious embroideries and sequins. It looked seriously chic and stylish.

Damir Doma's first womenswear collection gathered a big crowd... It was easy to tell he had a menswear background. The collection was not a unisex one, but it was still very androgynous. The girls had a kind of "asexual sexyness", if you know what I mean...

Rick, Rick, Rick... Last but not at all least. After all, he was one of the first designers to work the Austere look in the XXIst century, wasn't he? (I'm of course not counting Calvin Klein, who was actually the first western designer to work the austere look in the 90's... a whole different era, wasn't it?). The show was magnificent, the makeup was magnificent, the models were magnificent... and there were prints! Still, geometrical, functional prints. What I love about him is his concept of luxury. It's thoroughly modern and serene.
There is also Gareth, of course. I'm not forgetting him, but I intend to do a post to talk exclusively about his collections. It has become a nice tradition by now, and you all know how much I Gareth. So I leave you with a video preview of his show. Needless saying I'm crazy about the whole collection and would wear almost every single piece.


  1. Sorry about the bad news, hope you feel better!

    Love those first lou dillion shots, that bra top is insane!

  2. love those ones of lou. she is wonderful.

  3. awesome ♥
    i love all these photos(:

  4. Animo!!!
    Me gusta la foto y nueve la coleta enrollada en negro.
    Un saludo

  5. Sorry to hear of the bad news, do keep taking it easy and taking extra care of yourself x

  6. I'm really sorry; I do hope everything will get better (or at least bearable) for you very soon...
    this overflow of black is even more touching in that vision...

  7. great collections!sorry for the bad news:(

  8. Sorry to hear about the sad news back at home, and hope everything will be ok.

    I loved your Fashion Week post. Particularly, I love the Peachoo & Krejberg collection! I love the layerings, texture, and use of glimmering material =)

  9. Hi hun* we've missed you and i hope you're feeling better. Take your time and if we can support you in any possible way please tell!
    Wonderful post, loved all pieces**

  10. o m g ! these pictures ! fricking amazing. i love how dark and fierce it is

    xx lue

  11. very nice, i love the pictures of lou!

  12. Espero que estés mejr y siento la mala noticia. Me han encantado las capas esas con forro de borreguito. Qué pinta más buena tienen.

    B* a la Moda


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