Friday, 19 March 2010

I want to be like you.

After a month of Fashion Weeks, press presentations, shootings, work at YSL and a number of unexpected events in my life in general, I'm now so glad all that is over and I can go back to some sort of routine...
Anyway, the last few weeks have made me think about my work and the direction I want to move towards, professionally. There are 5 people I particularly look up to; their work has been relevant to me in the last few years: they all have great creativity and style. I want to be like them.

5. Alexandra Shulman. British Vogue's editor-in-chief is simply amazing. I love her natural style and the way she keeps out of the spotlight to just privilege fashion. Ladylike and classic yet with an eccentric edge, her magazine is the ultimate style guide.
4. Hamish Bowles. He is Vogue's European editor at large, has flawless taste and is extremely cultivated. He is the only person capable of bringing a somewhat old-fashioned style back into fashion. He is elegance personified!
3. Terry Jones. By creating I-D, Jones opened the door to a whole new vision of fashion. None of the amazing independent magazines we all know and love nowadays would have been possible without his work. He brought together the underground and the mainstream in a perfectly balanced formula that has worked for 30 years.
2. Franca Sozzani. Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief is often rated as one of the chicest women in the industry. She impersonates Italian exhuberance and colourful elegance and transmits that to one of the most important magazines in the industry (in many ways unarguably the most important- ask models and photographers about Vogue Italia!).
1. Jefferson Hack. You all know he is one of my icons... You might wonder why? Well, the great work he is doing with Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine, creating a whole trademark style that doesn't end with fashion, is great. But I especially admire him for his audacious take on the future; DazedDigital is an innovative and very complete source of information, yet it was created as a complement for the printed magazine. I can't wait to see the direction his work will take in the next few years.


  1. Hey darling, i'm so glad you're back ^^ Thanks for the lovely comment..i'm sure i'll get well soon. The award was more than deserved. And after reading your article, i really hope you can achieve all the goals you want, i'm sure that you will.
    And i hope everything's ok with you now after that worst period with some bad news from home. You always give me supporting words when i complaint about something, so i wish i helped your mood someway with just a simple thing like that award.
    I'm very happy you're back ^^

  2. wow! these are great fashion icons :)

  3. Ya verás, en nada tú como ellos.
    ¿Vas que tal?
    Un beso muy, muy fuerte

  4. Vogue US could use some of their spark. thanks for stopping by :)

  5. franca sozzani, 4 me please!
    love iole

  6. Wonderful icons to draw inspiration from. What are some "staples" of your style?

  7. love Alexandra Shulman too!

  8. glad youre back my dear! missed you! what did you work with at pfw?
    i wanna work with fashion badly,, in some way. may it be styling-or writing about it-working with it.. got any handy hints and tips on how to work with for example paris fashion week?

    hope you had an lovely weekend. i did :)

    xx ediot

  9. Really interesting, I'm sure you're already worthed of these !!
    Hope you'll gonna rest a bit tho x)

  10. these people are truly inspiring. a driving force of fashion.


  11. I love your editorial inspiration! I'm sure you are going to be right up there with your icons!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


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