Friday, 15 January 2010

On fire

I've been thinking for weeks now, and I've come to one conclusion: I need to become a redhead. I know many people think the weirdest things about redheads, but I just loooove the colour. It somehow is so exotic and sophisticated. When I was a kid I was fascinated by one of my aunts, who is a classic ballet dancer and had all the works: flaming wavy red hair, black eyeliner, really long red nails and the most exquisite shoes. Ever since I kind of got stuck on red hair but I have never dyed it because I'm actually quite happy with my "marron glacé" brunette tone. But seeing pictures like these ones have convinced me that I just must do it, sooner or later! So here are some of the most notorious redheads of the last years:

Lily Cole is obviously an iconic redhead. I know opinions about her are kind of divided, but I have always liked her. She has a great personality and that innocent irresistible English rose look. But I don't think I would get her hair tone... too natural.

Then there's Coco Rocha. I mean of course I could not speak about redheads and not mention an Irish lady right? Although I'm actually not sure wether Coco is a natural redhead. In any case I think she was at her best with this colour.

But, incredible as it may seem, also some continental girls have gone for the ginger look; remember Élise Crombez's red hair phase? (remember Élise Crombez actually? Where has she gone? She used to be totally huge).

And yes, Mademoiselle Jessica Stam was ginger too! And several different tones as well! I really like her colour in the first picture, still kind of dark. She looked really special like that.

And I've left the best for the end: Karen Elson is definitely the queen of them all. She is sophisticated, chic and ageless. I adore every single picture of her I've ever seen, and her hair colour is the perfect shade of red.
The matter is one to be though of, but believe me... It is going to happen, I'll be a redhead some day!


  1. Go for it! I'd love to be a redhead, but I'm a natural blonde, and everything too dark makes me look really old and drawn.

    I really miss Crombez, she has a great look. At the moment, she pops up in a minor campaign or two each season, but that's about it.

  2. I agree, it's a fierce color !
    I especially love venetian hues, both venetian blond and venetian red, closer to auburn !

  3. I love red hair, I am actually a natural red head, but years of colouring it when I was younger have ridded me of the natural vibrance. This year I vow to go back to red through artificial measures and embrace it!

  4. Definitely go for it! You have the personality to pull it off. I did red for years. I've had dark auburn, plum, orangey-red, got my brown hair highlighted first and then dyed so it came out bright and textured (the consensual fave), and Ronald McDonald - not my choice! The colourist took concentrated RED colour and showed it to me, I cringed and told her I was starting a new job and couldn't have anything bold or too unnatural, she told me she was going to dilute it and it would look great, then apparently she just applied it! I looked like a clown. Terrible hair stylists aside, red is great and I'd love to see you go for it!

  5. I fully support your idea. I always envied the redheads too ^^ although i prefer darker red tones, those photos you showed all look exquisite*

  6. I recommend you a book called Mistrals daughter!
    and yes... redheads rock

  7. if you want to you should. its easy to go back! thats whats so fun with haircolours.. i've tried being both red and brown but it doesnt suit me at all.. im great im really great. so happy that im done with school! ive gotten an teachers degree! so now i can do that- or just play around.. ( i want to do the last part :) . want to work with fashion instead..)

  8. YES. as a natural redhead, i will tell you it is the way to go. particularly if you tend to leave the house wearing all black. being a tall redhead with funny glasses in head-to-toe black has definitely helped me. people never forget who i am!! GO FOR IT.

  9. great roundup of red beauties...i have to agree with everyone, go for it! =)

  10. quand je vois cette mannequin, je sais pourquoi je suis rousse ! elle est sublime !


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