Tuesday, 12 January 2010

We adore you Guy Bourdin!

Yeah, I'm back! Sorry about the last few days, I've been kind of lazy... I don't know wether it's some sort of post-Christmas trauma or simply that I'm not genetically programmed to stand such low temperatures and snow storms, but the thing is I HATE (yes, with capitals) January and February with all my heart. They're cold, damp and boring, you have nothing special to look forward too (the next holidays are ages away) and I think that reflects in people's moods. I'd be more than happy if I could hibernate all through these two months (Mediterranean? Me? haha no way, you must be mistaken).
But anyway, I'm afraid I have no option so it's back to working and blogging and normal life for me (except for the fact that flights to Paris got cancelled because of the bad weather so I'm still in Spain). The weather was totally miserable today and I needed some distraction and inspiration. Guy Bourdin provided. I have always loved his pictures, and his films are just as otherworldly and mysterious...
I want to feel like this:


  1. Hello's, I'm liked hooked on your blog-its on my bloglist for sure!:)
    prettyneons X

  2. Hi there! I was looking to hear from you ^^ Great post as always! Anyway, as i am a autumn/winter person, i must confess i like january and february, but i believe is also because it's my mom, grandma, and sweetheart birthday in these months :) Well and you also have Valentine's day if you like those kind of celebrations*

  3. Ah i know how you feel. Snow and cold is the worst! It makes getting dress, the best part of the day, so hard. haha
    Glad your back to posting!

  4. i fell the same way ... january is so cold in ny that i feel like never leaving my bed... soemtimes when im out the cold wind seeps into my skull through my ears and i imagine that its freezing my brain because i get headaches .

    it sucks

  5. i whole-heartedly agree with you about these two months. i think i was not meant for winter. but living in new england makes it pretty hard to avoid. i am not so patiently waiting for springtime already <3

  6. Guy Bourdin :)
    I agree with you, it's very difficult to go back to "normal life" after the holidays and especially because the general climatic conditions tend to bring us down... hope in sunshine rays and dreamy fashion escapades.


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